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Please check this out and let me know what you think...

Killer Boo

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I know I have asked this before but I want to get this rolling if people are intrested...


1) all weapons

2) 20 min rounds

3) best of 3 or 4 (gotta figure that out)

4) if you're dead, you are out of the match

5) you can only have ONE speacialised player, one granader, one sniper, one gunner, but as many riffle man as the team wants.

6) 1 central base both teams have to capture the base with 150 or 500 points to win the round.

I think 4 rounds so the team gets 2 maps of their choice is good but you have to win by 2 rounds!

I have a clan willing to try it out, so let me know.

I'm looking for some clans that can implement this and have some fun! if you are intrested, as a clan or on your own then please let me know and post up in this thread.

Original post here at our clan forum...



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all weapons sound good

20 minute rounds sound good

best out of three instead of four - why because if it was four there could be a tie

and no respawns sound good

and dont agree with you can only have a certain type of player such as only one gunner or one snipper - i believe that people do have a person gun they use and when you're a team its more about how you fit in and some people like having different types and some just match well like three snipers and someone is a gunner - i believe its all about team play and how each team forms there on strategy

and the central base i dont have an opinion about that

and to kinda say more about picking you're on type of warrior i.e. sniper or gunner - i am mostly a sniper but depending on the map ill choose a different type of gun - i never choose a rifle cause id rather choose a grenader cause its the same as a rifle but with grenades -

and i agree with no names

Cynikal Lizard

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