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Excuse me if I've missed a relevant post, there's a lot of it!

I'm a single player and not especially familiar with how multiplayer works. I've just finished the 'campaign' for the second time and several things stick in my mind.

The guys I lead are not particularly good in carrying out specific instructions! If you recon ahead too far before issuing moves, they often take a more dangerous route than yours and get into trouble. They can also get 'stuck' in tight locations and cannot execute your move instruction at all! You then have to go back and literally 'babysit' them out of the tight spot.

Tank operation (or mis-operation) has been discussed elsewhere, I believe.

There is a definate inbuilt software bias in the enemy's targeting of Capt. Mitchell! I can send one of the guys out front, in the same circumstances and he won't be taken out.

No game save when you want it is a pain.

Last but not least, It's been a while since GRAW'S launch and still no new single player missions, as far as I know!

What's the likelyhood? I've tried one or two weapons mods but they've produced problems! Might be me not installing properly!! :hmm:

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