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"Patrol Type" Toggle Box


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Loop_idle means that the guys will go to a 3 point position in a continious loop until they are alerted, in an idle state, meaning guns to the patrol position.

Loop_recon means the same thing except they are in the defensive state, meaning that the guns are in ready position and are on high alert.

Moveguard_idle means what it says. They will move to a point and guard that position, but will move there again in the patrol position.(you can have multiple positions for this one, but the last point you place is the point they will guard.)

Moveguard_recon means the same again, except that they are in a defensive state and again are on high alert.

Pingpong_idle means that they will patrol between 2 waypoints at the idle state. (again multiple positions for this, but wont guard the last one)

Pingpong_recon means they will move between the 2 points at a defensive state on high alert.

Now to set up waypoints for these to work properly, you would select the guy/group of guys you want to patrol, then hit the "Insert" button on your keyboard, then left click to add points, and right click to take away points. To end the waypoints just hit "insert" again.

Edit: you dont need to call yourself a [idiot], it was a good questions. =P

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' date='Oct 10 2006, 03:40 PM' post='427856']

Man, you are a lifesaver. One more question for Loop_idle:

Can you add more than 3 waypoints? For example, can he walk around the courtyard pictured in the SS (in a square or rectangle)?

My experience is that you can place as many waypoints you want. I could be wrong, but it seems to be working for me.

You'll notice as you lay the points for the loop that there always seems to be a point going back the the start. I would suggest that as you lay points do no obsstruct any paths. Not sure what you would end up with if a path was obstructed, but it beats having to redo them.

Rav :zorro:

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Well, just so you guys know, here's what I'm doing:

I made a HH map (SS above). I know people here have been looking for a stealth-type of map. So, I'm converting the HH map to a [GR] coop. It will spawn 15 or so sentries. Make it past the sentries, and you get to the extraction unscathed. If you kill any sentry, then reinforcements will attack your position. Once you defeat the reinforcements, you can continue the map with stealth.

I think the trigger upon death of a sentry is UnitDestroyed. We'll see how far I get. So far I have 1 sentry, and have yet to write the sript to spawn him LOL.


FYI, Here is the path I'm going to use to test:


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Also, it seems as if pingpong recon is the highest agility and most energetic patrol. It looks stupid to put them on a short leash of patrol beucause it looks like your running suicides in your high school guym class. its actually kinda comical to watch. you got a guy running 15 meteres back and forth like exercises for absolutely no reason, like a kid that just ate too much sugar. So when you do those I'd advise making a longer distances for them so it looks more.... real.

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