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New Map DEFEND_The_Alamo


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Another Beta

Thought I'd have a go at a different game type, Just hold your position until the CH47 comes in for extraction. I've kinda faked some enemy helicopter troop insertions plus there are loads of hemtt's & panards gunning for you. Same as last time dont expect to get far on your own & you only really need the zeus for the tanks !

Set the game time for no less than 15 min but i would recomend 20-25

The biggest problem i have is the CH47 wont clear away for round two of the map but other than that i think things are ok :whistle: let me know !

Defend_The_Alamo v1.0

screenshot 1

screenshot 2

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tried to play it but it crashed my PC *hard reboot*

don't know exactly what happend when it happend

just know there are a lot of things shooting at me

up to the point of crashing it was very intense and scary

and if you make a sprint for the extraction, you have no ai ready to kill you

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thnx for the info !

Hope that crash was just a one off, Ive not had that.

As for running straight for the extractin, what are ya... chicken ! lol - na i hear you bud I'll stick a few in but using to many slows the game down.

What i really wanted to do with the extraction zone was only make it active after a certain amount of time but i dont know if its possible ?? (GRIN if it is possible could you let me know how... pretty please :D )

Try playing with a few guys it gets pretty hairy once things start exploding

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Ok im hoping you'll find this one plays alot better, it does for me so far. I've cut down slightly with the spawns and gone mad with the AI graphs and it seems to have made a big differance. game time is still the same of 15-20 mins. Still cant get the ch47 to re-set at the end of the round, but if your changing maps at the end of every round it doesn't really matter.

Defend_The_Alamo v1.0

Let me know if your still getting any problems ??

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Cool !

I could do with a few suggestions !

Im in the middle of re-writing the script another way to see if it helps, I've got two problems to try and fix,

the first is why does the map crash only for clients when the ch47 is triggered?

And the other is why wont the CH47 re-set back to its starting point ?? (Thankfully i can script a work around)

But im stumped on this crash ?

I had no problem in my last map with the CH47, or at least no one's said there's a problem with it :whistle:

Im wondering, would having a heli spawn to close to the Ghosts cause this problem... will go back & find out !

Thnx M8

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I never had any luck with that ch47 either.. what I would do if I were you is to keep the blackhawk in there scripted and everything, but put the <!-- --> marks around it and keep it like that until they fix it. When they do fix it, have the update with the <!-- --> marks gone, and you will be set to go. Thats what im doing with my next map. I have the same thing going on, a blackhawk fly in at the end, but its on hold with that.

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