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Sniper Cannon Marches On!!


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Me want BIG gun with BIG rounds who causes BIG wounds and creates BIG piles of dead people....

Well tollen this is one thing that I can honestly say I agree 100% on. The bigger the better. :devil: You know the old southern saying....(with my best southern accent) If ya'll can't run with the big dogs you best be staying on the porch!

Stout Hearts


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NO your right Tollen. I don't think the recoil should take a year to stabilize either. ;)

The guns of the sniper cannon mod will have forgiving recoil but not too unrealistic. I think "realism" shouldn't be equated with uselessness like the default sniper weapons of ghostrecon. And at the same time I don't like the ultra easiness of the dagrm4.7, 4.8 mods.

I want the weapons to be a joy to use.

p.s. Black Sabbath has just finished a silenced m82 rifle model that I hope he will show of to the community. The weapon will appear in the upcoming ghostrecon community mod and the sniper cannon mod as well. I will attempt to ghillie cover the weapon for the sniper cannon mod as well.

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@ Sgt. Slaughter, yes my first thought was to contact the creators of the swiss army mod for their silenced m82 model but I was unable to find out their email address. Besides, not everyone liked their suppressed m82 sound. Shadow2k1 has been working on better sounds for suppressed .50 cal rifles That I think you might like.

@Tollen, yes I agree with you Tollen when a person runs it should take a few secs to calm down and stabilize. But once it does I want the weapon to rock as a semi-auto killing machine. :rocky:

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