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Sniper Cannon Marches On!!

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The question had been raised after my triumph with the NTW20 20mm Anti-material rifle............so STalker what is next?

Well here is the answer....and this will be my next personal project.

Behold!! The Cheyenne Tactical Intervention model 200 in .408 caliber.



I seem to choose the most obscure and non-common weapons to model. So be it . Because those types of weapons are the most interesting.

It is certainly not as big as the NTW20 20mm AMR but it is smarter and more precise. Its .408 caliber is comparable to the power of a .50 caliber except that it doesn't have quite the punch as a .50 caliber but very close to it. And it is able to sustain its power at longer ranges. This makes the weapon very versatile in various military/police tactical situations.

I am not sure however if this weapon will be in the Sniper Cannon mod in time. But I will try. And as for the sniper cannon mod. Black Sabbath has agreed to do some silenced M82 .50 cal rifles for me.

And we will work together to try to cover them up with very thick ghillie rags all over them in anticipation of them being used with snipers wearing some custom Ghillie suits.

Take a look at the picture below and imagine this guy using a silenced M82 under all that seaweed then you will get an idea of what I am trying to achieve with the mod.


And also consider that I will be coding all the .50 cals like Grenadeslaunchers (think the M82 mod by Maniacbiker dude but on steroids). Remember the movie Alien? Now think about the sequel Aliens! Get my drift? ;)

Hey, please, if your a modeler and you want to help me with this very specialized gun mod then please let me know. We still need several more models.

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Stalker, I don't want to burst your bubble, but you were right about ^LeftHandPoint issue...if you make a pistol model, but code that weapon as GL, operative's left hand is "hanging" in the air no matter where you put ^LHP...so far I don't see any way around it...'cept maybe to make a huge suppressor so it would appear that the left hand is holding it? <_<

Sugestions, ideas, anyone??

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Hmmmm. I will look into that Tollen.


Well I wasn't happy at first about it Streinger. ABout the left hand placement. It would seem that a left hand pointer isn't necessary at all now. I guess after the 1.3 update they made it unnecessary. Sometimes I could just pinch those guys at RSE! :angry:

But I've learned to accept it...grudgingly. I'm going to leave those specially coded handguns as is with his hand in the air. The poor bum who is on the receiving end of the barrel won't care anyway. LOL

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The following information is taken from the cheyennetactical.com's ammo info page......

408 Cheyenne Tactical® (CheyTac®) Cartridge. This 2000-meter cartridge delivers a 420gr projectile supersonically with high kinetic energy, accurately to a target from a novel a platform called Intervention®.

The .408 CheyTac® cartridge is a true intermediate between the 7.62 NATO and the .50 Browning cartridges. The .408 CheyTac® approaches several of the ballistic characteristic of the .50 Browning cartridge and in some cases, exceeds them. It has the advantage in being 33% lighter than the .50 Browning cartridge.

To THEIS’ specifications, cartridge cases are made by a small German firm that makes match quality cases. Some of their customers include: Blasser GmbH; Hartmann & Weiss GmbH; Holland & Holland Ltd; Krieghoff GmbH; Norma Precision AB; Westley Richards & Co W. R. Ammunition (German Special Forces — sniper cartridges).

Projectiles are custom made by Lost River High Energy Technologies (Arco, ID). PRODAS 2000-designed solid nickel copper alloy projectiles are made by a Swiss-type CNC lathes. They are finally sized through pressure dies to bring the O.D. variation to less than 1/50th millionth. Projected ballistic coefficient at the muzzle is 0.906 and at 2000 yards is 0.665 (elapsed time = 3.26 sec)

A second solid projectile will be made with a driving band. Sierra is now designing a lead core match projectile.


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I don't want to make a firm date yet because there is too much to do still. I can't even work on it right now myself till I finish studying for my microsoft test. And also I host ghostrecon alot (at least when I can that is). My coolsiege server is fairly popular and people have been bugging me to release my MP seige missions to the public.

When I finally get time to work on the mod I am considering whether I should work on getting my maps out first. So in the meantime I have others working on different weapons models for this mod. Malebogia is working on some while Black Sabbath (who contributed on the Croation Army mod) has agreed to do some silenced M82 rifles. Streinger (from the croation army mod) has agreed to contribute the taurus revolver.

Here is the current list of weapons for the mod:

NTW20 20mm anti-material rifle

Hungarian 14.4mm Technika Magnum 96 Destroyer anti-material rifle

Hungarian RT-20 20mm AMR (donated from Croation Army mod)

Ferret50 .50 caliber M16 conversion

Hecate II .50 caliber rifle -suppressed

M82 .50 caliber rifles silenced and covered with ghillie rags (different colors)

desert eagle long barrel hand gun with scope-.50 caliber

Taurus raging bull revolver .454 cassul

.45 caliber hand gun with c-more site (visible reticule by DVS1)

Big Lone Eagle .50 caliber sniping handgun

.44 magnum hand gun semi-auto

Robocop's auto-9 (with gun sound from movie)


Cheyenne Tactical Intervention model 200 using .408 caliber ammo (if I have time)

We are only at about 40% but stay tuned to progress reports when they come out. Most guns will be coded like either a grenade launcher or anti-tank round. So the .gun files still need to be worked out for a few of them. And the more people help the faster this mod will come out.

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I would do it except for the fact that it has been done before.

However, perhaps I might heavily customize it. maybe with a super large scope. Perhaps I will do it with alot of ghillie coverings.


Maybe.......ok sure. :P

More work though means the longer it will take to come out. :(

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Right now I've put my test on hold till tuesday and my sniper cannon mod so I can get my ntw rifle ready to be donated to the Ghost REcon Community Mod.


Or the Ghostrecon Modders Expansion Pack 1.0

Whichever name we decide on.

I've decided to let my Ntw20 20mm amr debut in that mod and finish the rest of the sniper cannon mod later.

So keep an eye for when that mod comes out. Its going to feature models and .gun files from many modders from all over and hopefullly also include skins as well.

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Well here is the answer....and this will be my next personal project.

Behold!! The Cheyenne Tactical Intervention model 200 in .408 caliber.

that gun looks sweet stalker. i can't wait to se it when it is modded. you going to post pics of its progress?
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I could do that but then the mod will lose focus as the sniper "cannon" mod. Hey Slink sorry for making you feel down. But theres so much more to do that I had to debute the the NTW20 in another mod.

I promise on my cat's life that I will finish the sniper cannon mod. If I can just get this stupid test out of the way I would be able to concentrate. But things like bills and bill collectors are driving me to finish certification and look for work. Pesky Bills!!!! :angry:

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