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TaG Launches GRAW Ladder with ACP


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TaG Launches GRAW Ladder with ACP

Total Assault Gaming ::TaG:: has launched its brand new bespoke systems and anti cheat for competitive clans to match on. The systems are completely bespoke and represent the most advanced ladder systems available to clans on the Net.

Chris Littlewood, player name “Belialâ€, one of the owners of ::TaG:: states “

We have spent some time developing our systems to ensure they truly represent both player and team achievement and failures within the game. Our systems are structured in such a way that we can configure them to produce a gaming ladder that has real meaning to the game itself without having to continually recode. We believe our systems coupled with our Anti Cheat Programme will be a great attraction to the already strong following within FPS gaming.

::TaG:: has been in existence for just over 4 years and had primarily concentrated on the game Ghost Recon where it is recognised as a world leader in terms of match activity, fair play and innovation. They intend to have an even bigger impact upon Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter.

::TaG:: Anti Cheat

Fair and Free Play for All

::TaG was built on the principles of fair competitive play on a free basis and has a highly active admin membership to enforce their no cheating policies.

To assist both their Admins and the Player and Clan Membership ::TaG:: has just launched its Anti Cheat Assistant ::TaG:: Match Mole

The ::TaG:: Match Mole is an innovative programme that is used for all matches on the systems. It takes Screen Shots of all the players in a match and uploads them to a secure central admin server. Admins for each game then view them through a secure website. People caught cheating are banned from the ladder systems and have their Screen Shots Displayed to the public.

Belial states “This is the next step in our continuing battle against the cheaters. Although we know this is not the ultimate answer, this programme stops the very worst of the cheats such as Wall hacks, Chameleon Skins, No Fog and the like. We have other methods for catching aim bots and speed hacks. This is another and very important tool to our arsenal against the cheats, especially with games that don’t record demos or replaysâ€.

He says “By using the ::TaG:: Match Mole it makes games that where difficult to administer in a ladder environment now fully viable. Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter is a prime example and we are pleased to provide a solution that can bring this great game into the competitive match arena. The beauty of the ::TaG:: Match Mole is that it is none game specific and none intrusive to the game itself, this means it can fully function alongside other tools we use for other games such as Punkbuster, Vac, =LT= ACP and PAM to name but a few and wont conflict with any future improvements made to gamesâ€.

::TaG:: is confidant that the significant leaps forward that have been made on behalf of the gaming community will be greatly appreciated by the vast majority of competitive on-line gamers. They welcome you to visit their site at www.tagaming.com join up and try both their systems and their anti cheat protection.

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