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How do you use the bundler.exe?

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-Athenian' date='Sep 27 2006, 04:53 AM' post='424497']

Yeah I saw that earlier, but what specific folder do I point the bundler to? I would think it is the map folder in the work folder, but I wasn't sure.

I put mine in the c dir and start from there

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I think the map editor automatically runs the bundler, there shouldn't be any need for you to do it yourself (this is coming from a guy who has opened the map editor once in his life, so beware).

If you are trying to bundle a non map mod, then just follow the instructions in the tutorial linked above.

If I remember correctly you want to point the bundler to the folder that is on the same level in the structure of your mod as the Data folder is in the structure of the game if that makes sense. The same folder that you could put into the languages folder as a mod is the one you should point to.

Sorry, I'm a little rusty on this, I havent touched GRAW since August.

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Figured it out finally.

Undbundle the map file using nemons tool.

Edit the appropriate .tga file

rebundle using the bundler.exe

move the map .bundle file from the tools folder to the custom_maps folder.

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