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Custom map: "Tank: Revisited!"


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Some weeks ago I've started work on a map called "Tank: Revisited!" and it's gradually coming together.

I'm just taking this as a learning-experience to get to know this engine and it's capabilities but at the same time providing a nice map most of the GR1'ers still remember and have grown fond of (specially the TVT'ers).

I can't say which modes it will support right now, as I'm not even thinking about scripting it before I've got the map completely down.

Probably the most unique feature of this map is that this isn't a "trying-to-get-as-close-as-possible-kinda-map-by-using-GRIN's-assets".

This map will be spot on as I've digitized the entire original map and build it from the ground up!

I'll post screens as soon as I've got something decent to show.

BTW: thanks must go to Bumbi for sticking with me and answering my annoying questions :yes:

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More Jaffas in the post D for this one!

Those cakes were nice...ran out of 'em in a jiffy....jaffy...jaffa :wacko:

Anyway...screenshot numbero uno.

It's still far from done as I'm trying to get to grips with the entire texture-structure (hardest part so far).

As you can see below, I've got blending textures as well as some nice flowing water (riverlike).

Most of the repetition needs to get rid of but that's a piece of cake.


So far, I'm really enjoying this new engine and it's capabilities.

It's hard to get to know the structure but the engine is very flexible.

I can only imagine how much can be done with this when more and more knowledge is becoming public.

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Thanks EasyCo.

I actually scanned the map in GR and it's probably 97% accurate, even down to the height. Ofcourse the boulders won't have the exact shape on the top (hey we can make it smoother with this engine, so I'm doing so) but they will be same at the bottom.

The commandmap fits my outline like a shoe.

Your camera is a bit closer to the centre of the map though.

I'm also missing some of the boulders as they will be put in as a prop (easier to position and fiddle with) rather than a static.

I haven't done anything like adding bushes, etc, which also make a map more livelike.

GR has a fog and a clippingdistance and I haven't implemented that either here, which actually makes my map feel smaller.

All will come in time ofcourse.

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GAAF die map :D

*will you do other maps when this one is finished ?

village perhaps ?? (tried to recreate it with graw only stuff, but does not work out)

IF I'm able to get this one finished, I will probably do more, providing I have enough spare time.

Not sure if it will be conversion though, although recreating original GR1 maps is fun.

I really like creating maps from my own imagination so it might be a new one.

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