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Hey OGR fans, it is time to move on

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Why would you move on and to what? Modders are just starting to produce great maps. The new coop maps are excellent. If you try Heavy Resistance or Blackhawk Down solo firefight on LAN, you might rethink, and hopefully this is just the start for modding.

Indeed, and the laddering is just about to begin in earnest these days. Sure play [GR] if you want too (been there, done that since it came out), but GRAW is so much better and got so much potential. An expansion pack with rural maps would be sweet stuff (on top of more stable servers).

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This game is great, it has flaws, what PC game doesn't? it has patches, most of which gave what the community what they asked for! and still people moan.

Did you even read the orginal post? It kills me how many people attack someone because they don't have the same opinion. Especially when they don't read the entire post. There is a difference between "moaning" and dissapointment.

The original post was a very "well-put" objection to hanging on and hoping that GRAW would become what we had hoped it would.

Grin did a lot of work, put some great patches out, but a lot of us feel it's not enough. Most of us are probably also in the "CO-OP" ranks. It may be a good game that a lot of people do like, but they shouldn't have called it "Ghost Recon".

The orignial poster echoed my sentiments exactly: We gave it time, they did work on fixing it, but it's not something I'm going to spend much time playing.

If you don't agree, why are you in here posting, go play the game! :hmm:

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After last patch i finally decided to move on, im not even shelving this game, it is not worth it . Ill try to sell it but it's hard to sell GRAW even for half of its retail price after all these bashing topic all around GR forums.

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Wow, I started this thread for the purpose of telling people who do not like GRAW to move on and leave Grin alone so that they can continue to service the people who are enjoying the game. I certainly did not want ANYONE flaming another person regardless of the reasons.

At this point it is my opinion that there really should not be any more bickering about GRAW vs [GR]. It is done with. Expectations should be kept to whatever is realistic in regards to what mods can do along with the help of GRIN. GRAW is finished, so please stop beating the proverbial dead horse, and those who like GRAW, so be it and it is not stupid in anyway to dislike the game.

I think is the height of stupidity for anyone to flame another person for hating/liking a game.

Hey Rocky, this thread has gone a direction I did not want to see it go, so I know you will use your best judgement, but IMO I would not mind seeing it locked.

Thanks and regards.

PS for those giving up on GRAW, there is always OFP, [GR], and soon Armed Assault. Come on down to their respective subforums. :)

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