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5 Favorite Features from GR:AW 360


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well regarding the single player portion of the game...

1 definately keep up the great work on the graphics, its still very visually impressive.

2 3rd person view was a fine option as well, im not too obsessed over the roots of the series to not accept a third person view (dont get me wrong i play just as much in first person view).....still i would like to see refinements in the cover system since it has potential for adding to the dynamics of the game.

3 scripted events...i think the scripted events really added to the atmosphere of the campaign, but like other things mentioned on my post it needs to be adjusted in some ways. I pictured maps to be open-ended with maybe 4 or 5 scripted events set to occur during the level....the catch is only 1 or 2 of those events take place in each playthrough thus making the level a different experience with the randomly chosen scripted events being a bit of a surprise in each level.(well that and random bag guy placement)

4 the way the narrative was done in single player was also a highlight.....i still dont want the hollywood blockbuster rivalry found toward the end of graw.....but in-game storytelling and briefings during/before insertions is great.

5 the addition of support vehicles was also a welcome addition, i hope this addition to single player continues to evolve as well.

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sorry if im overstepping bounds here but since different folks worked on single player and multiplayer i feel i can also add things i enjoyed from the multiplayer portion of the game as well.


1 the options available to the host are great, but like all good things i hope they add more. Im sure we have all posted ideas as to what other aspects of a match the host should be able to adjust...(everything from different kits for each team, to no cross com functions for one team)

2 the addition of team battle was great specially since the bots had such great AI.....i know adding bots was a small addition but more options for local play are always welcome...to me the bots were the highlight of the chapter 2 download.

I will be back with more...

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1. I loved the wall hugging features in OTS view, if they could implement these in First Person view somehow, it would be amazing.

2. Loved the gameplay. the scripted events were nice, only beef is that lots of urban stuff, no forests and the such, but still great.

3. The team controls were great, just simple point and click and they watched that corner in a nice little grouping.

4. The feel of the game, its hard to explain I guess, but just felt good, not to arcadey not to coughrealisticcough. Just the right mix.

5. Instant action, the good old Firefight, defend etc. modes available for coop or, my personal favorite, for solo play.

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I didn't play the SP so for me MP was one of the best things about GRAW.... ;)

But ... Host controls were great. Needed more custom slots for kits and game types and the ability to name them but the variety of host option sreally kept MP fresh.

Gametypes - great selection.

Waypoints were a nice touch but a compass would have been better ;)

Coop chapters. I think a MP only game with a strong coop campaign would be a great success - obviously it would need all the other coop and vs. aspects of MP as well.

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