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strange or normal? [lines & dots on screen], plz help me

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hi , when i see a long distance in the game i see thinks like dots moving in the edges of the structures and objects , dots and lines , are these lines and dots normal?

my hw is

athlon 64 3200


1gb ram

epox 9npa+ultra

see this ss for example

sorry for my english me are spanish



someone of you plz can play the game , in the first mission go to a big street and see for the weapon's sight , like the image and give me a answer plz =(

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We got it figured out. As far as I can tell its just where the sections of the map meet.

Exactly. i guess it's a render issue. maybe the sections of map aren't flush against each other completely. not enuff to have you fall through but enough for you to see. i just ignore this issue. no biggie though

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80 x1024

its normal no?

Somewhat normal. I took the adice of the other posters and bumped my resolution to 1280 x1024. Amazing how it makes things so much clearer...albite quite a different size for the monitor on other programs. Getting used to it. And yes, I changed the monitor settings, along with the video settings for the game. When I left the monitor settings for the computer at 1024 x 768 and changed the game settings CRASH! I am hgetting aclimatized to the smaller, but clearer picture. Didn't know there was that much to see in GRAW! :)

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