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New Map OGR-Coop "Heavy_resistance"

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It got me on the right track bud !, but i couldn't use the blackhawk because it kept crashing the game :( I've gone with the CH47 which i can get to do a nice couple of turns before it lands on the roof. I been trying to get some panards to patrol the square around the base but nothing i try or copy! from other places gets it moving ?? It spawns on que but im not sure if i need to spawn a crew to drive it or it will move without them.... this XML is very confusing atm :wall:

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yeah, you need to put in the panhard, then you have to put int he crew and give them the same vehicle ID as the panhard, and you have to make them crews. But if you wait a few minutes, Im going to update my [GR]-coop map tutorial with the tank section... that might be alittle better than the panhards :thumbsup:

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