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In light of the various levels of expertise within the community.

Written information is a must but verbal one to or above is more productive and more immediate.

Some of you are working on different projects but are haveing similar problems.

I would like to make the following suggestion.

Ts is a good comunicater and many people use it I think haveing a once a week or fortnightly get together of modders, to talk, exchange,ask q, and generally chew the fat.

Also may be a Grin Member would like to participate as long as the ground rules were in place.

Any results can be typed up and put in the new modding section.

I really think to move forward and learn from each other this or something similar needs to take place.

Any thoughts.??


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I like the idea, but the logistics of complete strangers just linking up and have good discussion is pretty tough.

Sometimes the smart ones get put off by the mouthy ones and cant get a word in edgewise.

A guy named Tank over @ tgp used to do some source engine map modding for counterstrike source, and teh way he would do it is schedule a night with a limited curricula that he would post ahead of time.

(come to think of it, H-hour used to do something similar with GR1 over @ tg as well...)

Stuff like what mods to have, what parts of the editor needed loaded, sample map, etc, that way, once the "meeting" started, he would step through a few things and everyone listening could be at the same point, following step-by-step.

Once he got past the few things he planned on covering, everyone could ask questions, and form there, it turned into a free-for all. It was nice, a lot of guys got stuff out of it, and he got some help on some maps I think too. (mmm beta-testing)

That's my .02.

I'll bet there would be a waiting list if you could con a grinner into hosting a night. ;)

but I'll show up to get walked thry by ducky too, or even to listen in on how Delyte's new map import is going...

Just a thought.

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I think its a generally good idea... however, I agree with the above post. Having a GRIN member there would be counter productive... no thats not a cheap stab, I mean that every single person in there would do nothing but bombard them with questions like "why did you do this ...? .. that ? " "why dont you have this in the game ? " OR "it would be nothing but a string of obscenities twoard them"

I would have to be controlled, like make a maxium channel number of say 4 members. 1 GRIN and 3 average Joes and it would bave to be prescreened people.... for instance, someone like myself shouldnt be aloud in there because it would be counter productive but someone like evilducky lets just say should be aloud becuase you know hes not gonna flame GRIN.

I'd still like to figure out how to make the mini cross com a full buddycam view like the 360 has and to make a heatvision option to see through walls with either the Xcom or sniper scope or both.

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