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Minimap in GRAW Editor


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Its funny Argus & Tom, I was on my to this forum to post this same issue.

I just figured out the new patch 1.30 causes a fresh tga snapshot even when exporting without lightmaps.

This means no more fixing the alignment or adding text etc.....

Grin might have removed the feature do to parental control issues.

I'm just guessing of course. :hmm:

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I have similar questions guys...

How do I remove the mini map from my HUD in [GR] COOP?

It doesn't feel very Original Ghost Recon at all. I also don't need it, nor do any of the members of my group. We use the large tactical map with the grids to find and call out locations (exactly like in [Ghost Recon]). The large tactical map also has the zones marked on it, so we can still see the zones. Without the mini map in my HUD I would also see more of the area in front of me.

Which xml file do I need to alter and which lines?

I think it may be in the hud_map.xml and or the interface_items.xml. I just need some help.

Please help me remove this from my HUD.


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During the game try these buttons:

Try pressing M to hide minimap.

Try pressing U to remove chat box.


In [GR] COOP mode, "M" brings up the large tactical map. "M" does not toggle the mini map on/off. As for the "U" key, that was the first thing I used as of v1.10. :thumbsup:

Please help me remove my mini map.


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- How do I remove the mini map from my HUD in [GR] COOP?

- Which xml file do I need to alter and which lines?

I found out the answer to both of my above questions thanks to GRiN_Bumbi...

We can not remove the mini map from the [GR] COOP HUD view by altering xml files. The mini map is controled by a dxe file named hud.dxe. Since we can't open dxe files, the next best thing will be to see if UBI will add a toggle on/off key for the mini map in the next patch. GRiN_Bumbi said he'll pass the suggestion along.

For those of you who feel the same as I do about the mini map, we can only hope now.

Thanks GRiN_Bumbi for your time effort in replying to my question.


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Dear all,

with Patch 1.21 it was easy to edit the minimap while re-build of your map without rendering. I am wondering how this can work since patch 1.30 ?

Did someone discover a possibility to use his own *.tga image as MiniMap ?

Thanks in advance



Here, i just posted this in another thread but thought you could use this info too...It is a reference to another problem but you can follow the directions to get what you want.

There is a way to do it but it takes a little extra work. Ok, here is what ya can do.

First...because you have your good map rendered at DRAFT. Save that bundle to a specific location. (not custom levels)

Second... Do the export with the 5 passes on your map to get the mini map looking good. (now you will have 2 map bundles) 1 that has a good mini map but dont work and 1 with a bad mini map but does work.

Third... open up the good mini map bundle and pull out the good mini map TGA file.

Fourth... Open up the bundle that you have the bad mini map in and replace it with the good one.

Now you need to manualy rebundle the file. That would get you a good mini map in your working map.

If you dont know how to rebundle the files here is a good tutorial on how...


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Thanks }PW{ Postal for the tutorial,

well, I tried to bundle my level as described and in fact I got a bundle file which is approx 5 times bigger than doing it with GRAW editor. Further the map will not be displayed in GRAW menu. I was impressed when I started GRAW I even did not receive any error message on it.

Not sure abaout but I assume with patch 1.30 that bundle tut doesn't work anymore ...

Anyway thanks, and I still apreciate any news about minimap modding :)



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