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WIP Downtown New Mexico City


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On this map here, the situation is the recovery of a blackhawk down crew that went missing after a crash. (Not those you see in the screen shot.). I'm still playing GRAW alitte more to see what i can add and what not. I want to make this for [GR] first before all the other stuff. But i'm such a noob on how to make vehicles move or fly. I want to intergrate Marines a litte more (Since i'm going to be one), i plan on putting a few snipers for the mexz and have at least a platoon of Marines helping out, with some Scout Sniper teams in view. I work on just about everyday and every morning but in a couple of weeks you will see some improvements.

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Cool stuff. My sugguestion to you, and what I did to get stuff working on my map, is to read the scipts that grin made. Open up mission 11, and see what they wrote to get the friendly tanks to move, and see if you can duplicate that to fit your map. If it doesnt work at first, go back and try again. It's all trial and error and to you I say good luck. its starting to look good already.


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