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Some features I think we'd like to see...


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I've been thinking on some things that still seem (to my dumb ol' self, anyhow) to be missing that would help complete the GRAW experience...

1.) COOP CrossCom commands: I was playing in a server earlier today in which team play was STRESSED. Every player was pushed to squad-up, leaders were assigned in each squad, and the squaddies were expected to follow orders from their respective squad leaders. This meant that every time a squad leader wanted to issue an order to the squad, he/she had to stop what they were doing and go heads-out (ie- not looking at the screen, unless they type for a living I guess) and type their orders in the chat box. I just think it would be very helpful (and go some distance to encourage teamwork) if the squad leader could issue CrossCom commands to his squadmates. When not matching, you almost NEVER see everyone in the server on voice comms. Some only have Ventrilo, some only have TeamSpeak, and many have neither (confusing since they're free). A lot of folks don't have microphones anyhow, so the point for them is moot. Perhaps even adding the A Squad leader's ability to issue orders to B and C Squads, and a succession of command, would be nice features.

2.) Quick Chat keys: It's been argued for and against, but I stand firm that it's a useful feature. <DEAD HORSE ALERT> In [GR] we used it often, pretty much on every map in COOP and in ADVERSARIAL play. Best example: Everyone would program one key to say something like, "MAP! MAP! MAP!", because when an enemy was in direct line of sight and within view distance from any player, his position showed on the map for all that player's teammates (regardless of squad, if I recall correctly). That's not the case here (and we'll get to that) but nonetheless it's useful for announcing employment of hand grenades ("FRAG OUT", which would have saved me 2 TK's this morning), key enemies eliminated ("SNIPER DOWN!"), key enemies spotted ("RPG!!!"), or intended course of action ("Going left", "Cover me!", and "CLEAR!" are just a few examples) or spreading situational awareness. Binding these to perhaps the FUNCTION keys, or maybe a quick 2-key combination (F1, <1-10>) would work a LOT better than having players go heads-out and type in the chat window.

3.) Situational Awareness AI/Enemy: Mind you, the current compass is AWESOME. Don't change it at all or I WILL come to Sweden and enlist GRIN_1337_Boi's help in wringing your collective necks. (I planned on coming there next summer anyhow) But at least a paister/pushpin type marker on the in-game map and/or minimap to mark the positions of dead enemies would kick some tail. Even better would be to mark also the position of enemies in clear sight or those firing upon a friendly. But that's asking a lot. In SP we had a MUCH better overhead view via the TacMap, in real time, by which we could spot enemy positions and differentiate between live and dead. Perhaps reimplementing the red diamonds for enemies would work, and darken them in for dead enemies?

4.) Squadmate differentiation: (Is that even a doggone word?) VERY cool how y'all implemented the names appearing on CrossCom ONLY for squadmates, and all others getting ONLY the blue diamond. Could we possibly find a way to also differentiate which of the squadmates (if not ourselves) is the squad LEADER? For Instance, let's say I'm in with my teammates playing some [GR] COOP. It's me ([30+]RAbbi), [30+]Black=Denis, [30+]ARDelta, and [30+]Retlaw on Squad A. [30+]Retlaw is the squad leader (until we TK him ;) ). Is there a way to perhaps to make his name appear brighter or in BOLD print or something? And how about the arrows on the edge of the CrossCom view for friendlies outside the FOV- could we differentiate between squadmates and other friendlies, rather than having RAbbi stopping on occasion to do a little ballerina twirl to see where the rest of his squad got to?

Hey, even better idea for 2.) above, assuming that 1.) can't be implemented: How about letting us put at least 5 different quick chats in an interface like the CrossCom commands from SP/COOP? For instance, instead of getting an orders menu when I click Mouse2, I get the quick chat menu! Scroll mouse down to appropriate preset phrase and click Mouse 2 or Mouse 0 to send. Goes to all squadmates OR all teammates, as predetermined.


Unless some enterprising modder out there wants to tackle it, but as much as I respect and adore our modding community I'd rather see it come from the dev's who hold the proprietary rights to a bunch of this stuff (I hope).

If you agree with me or if you disagree, feel free to let me know. Maybe I'm misrepresenting the whole of GRAW PC players with this thread, or maybe we're all in the same frame of mind on this. Most likely we're divided on it. I give less than a 10% chance we'll see any of the above, but you can't get what you don't ask for, right? May as well give it a shot. MUCHAS GRACIAS, MIS AMIGOS Y AMIGAS!

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1. Quick Chat Keys using the number pad. I'm sure I've seen this implemented in a FPS game of a few years back, it was a very a very popular game and someone here will remember it I'm sure.

2. A pair of binoculars! I have checked with members of the Swedish Army and these are known in Sweden and actually used!


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I'd like for there to be 4 settings for friendlies tags...

0 = off

1 = brief (line or smaller diamond)

2 = player name

3 = player name/diamond

Other features:

Tracers: (On/Off)

Like Rabbi, I like the quick chat keys... It would definitely help to just press a button and then everyone in the server knows because they can heart it, and not everyone is on voice comms, which will lead to less accidental TK'ing, amongst other things.


Here's a feature that needs some serious work/rework: Stats at the end of the map to correctly display the correct info.

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Hey all

My first post here . I do find this forum very usable in past (i visit it for more then 2 years) , but i had no need to register till now.

I wonder does anyone find quick stat option (like in [GR]) usable . When im in T v T deatmatch and wanna see how many players are still alive , and with how many respawn left i have to go in screen that cut me of from a game (no game sound and picture) . It usualy take few seconds till i figure out who is winning , and when i get back in game sometimes i find myself facing opponent soldier aiming at me . That could be avoided if stats are showed above game itself if u press certain/quick stat button. Just names of players splitted in teams and number of lives left (maybe name in red if they have no respawns). I belive that works pretty fine in [GR]. U can even move while checking stats. And yes u have team kill count so u know in a second who winning at the moment.

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1. All major bugs fixed.

2. Have mod activation/deactivation like [GR] (It's much easier to activate/deactivate mods for different servers).

3. I know this one will be a long shot, but I'd like some character customization. After starting off with GRAW 360, being able to customize you character a bit was cool.

4. Again, this is a thing from GRAW 360. After the Chapter 2 DLC, the enemy AI was boosted greatly for co-op gametypes. Not only did they shoot more accurately, they would suppress you and distract you while another squad would move around and flank you. I was caught off guard several times.

For #4, I'm not totally sure that the enemies in GRAW PC do the flanking maneuvers yet (I haven't seen it, but for all I know they might actually do that). I do know that they can shoot accurately at times :D

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