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Why GRIN got it all right..


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O.K so here goes...

There's a lot of bickering going on as far as i can see so here's a thought. All the positive aspects that you love from GRAW, write them down right now,right here. For what purpose? To show first of all there are plenty of them and second of all to contrast with the other post "why grin got it all wrong"....How will this help anyone....well maybe the folks at GRIN will see how much thought some of us put into this whole thing that they will be curious as to some of YOUR ideas you have NOW...whatever about the past: that is behind, and can't be changed. Look to the future, maybe we can have an impact...

So to begin, the things I like in GRAW:

1)SOUND : all sounds , everything to do with sound, even the music - I defineatly can hear the amount of work that must of gone into. GRAW has the best sound in my opinion bar none.

2)GRAPHICS: They created a unique style and there is no element that doesn't "fit" in. All the visual effects are by far the most impressive I've seen.

3)A.I : the AI is way ahead of a lot of games out there and can be ridiculously hard....which makes finishing parts in single player an adrendaline feuled eurphoria!(lol)

4)WORLD IMMERSION: tthis is really a combination of the above. GRIN really deliver in terms of this future Mxico City. There is a realism quality to the feel of all their maps that really bring you into the game. This is by far the most enjoyable part for me playing GRAW. total Immersion...

5)BOOM BOOM:gotta love all the explosions from small to big...they ROCK!!!

6)between the sound and the tracers, when you're being shot at it really feels dangerous! I suppose that's back to immersion quality, but that really sticks out in my mind as a great achievement.

So it's not all bad....But I think it's important to talk about the Good,the Bad and the Ugly of GRAW because all we can do from here is move on to the next release/mods/patch etc. So why not try and contribute as A COLLECTIVE COMMUNITY??

Some of you may have tried this before the release of GRAW.....And maybe you're ###### off no one listened....

Well I propose that we get 1000 signitures or whatever on our "Ghost Recon Manifesto", and just ask to be listened to. Maybe nothing will happen...That's ok...The material we all think of can help Modders make the stuff we all want.

So don't be annoyed at my duality on GRAW. I know the other post feels negative. But here's one to say all that is positive.....And somewhere, sometime this will be a valuable resource to anyone interested in this game concept.

Anyway even the mighty GRIN need a little love TOO!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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I think there are tons of great things about the game.

Sound: Since this last patch, i dunno if something changed, but the sounds are crazy good. Maybe people are just shooting at me more I dunno, but now I hear all the zips and pops of bullets and the far off echos of gunshots. It's all very cool and I've never played another game that did it better! Very very nice!

Graphics/immersion: If you can get your res up high it is a pretty lookin game. The chips in the walls to moving trees, cars that get shot apart, all of it freakin rocks! The lighting is also very cool. You can actually hide in the shadows!! so many games allow you to change alpha or something so shadows and dark means nothing, but GRAW makes it work and I love it; even when i get shot by someone hiding :)

Body awareness: I think GRAW has done it better than any other game i've played. The movement is great! I love being able to duck and slide for cover, and it doesn't get abused at all like people were worried about. The leaning, seeing your body, all very cool!

I have to say GR:AW really has me hooked and I'm sure i'll be playing it for quite a while. gg's!


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PS: people, [GR] wasn't that special.

[GR] is pretty special.

I agree with pretty much everthing stated above....and I give a few extra +++++++++ to sound....its really the best part of the game....you feel whats going on...and as was said...you feel the fear...that man...I am really pinned down here.

The only things I wish were in the game

1) I wish you could choose your CHR before the mission like in [GR]...so you could customize your look

2) Although the weapons selection process in ORG got a little crazy with mod after mod...I did like the wide selection.....then with a little kit editing I ended up with less than 10 for all occasions (Im sure the mods will come for this as well in time....but will there be room on the selection screen for many weapons)

3) Since the prone lean was taken out of the game...I would like to see the prone "ROLL" like the consoles (at least I think they do...I saw it in early vid clips online)

4) More diversity in maps....and again....I am guessing this will come in time

5) The mod selection screen from [GR]

Dont want to turn this into a whats wrong with GRAW thread.....as I think its a good game....but without a couple of the above...I wonder what kind of legs it will have in year 3.


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1. Sound

2. Graphics

3. Map Size

4. Map Locations in Mexico

5. Physics

6. Weapons except a silenced sniper kit

7. AI Mex movement

8. AI Mex combat skill

9. Lead character movement

10. Tac Map views

11. Transport to and from locations

12. Briefings

13. SP Campain

14. MP Domination great game type

15. Tension in SP Mode

Ok thats about it I have added the things that stuck out as exceptional, other things are there but dont bite you up the but like the above.

Oh crap I nearly forgot, lol the big I like really is the Dev Team and support they have given to us.

Lets face it whats a game without the right support.

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The draw distance... now that's amazing.

The worst about GRAW, the story I mean Geeeez!

Anyway sorry for that, love the sound, graphics and draw distance :)

EDIT: Love the slide/dive for cover. Diving is not a problem in GRAW as it was in BF2 where they had to remove it.

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True the sliding feature is great, I played ORG the other night and tried to slide

then remembered it did not exist..DoH

Grin have given tutorials on how to make & include new weapons, other tutorials

are good too. Dedicated server is very good, not perfect but 80% there. I am not

going into what I would like added to dedicated commands but it is very usable.

I love how the game is still playable at 160mS ping where other games fail, but would

like to see a more stable net code (re drop outs from servers).

Like above, sound it 5/5 and Dez22 & crew did a 101% job (thanks Simon)

The addition of future packs (expansion) is a welcome thought and I am loving it.

I truly love the feel on some servers of the team play that comes with GRAW

and hope that when net code is smoothed out, it will add to the play.

Overall I agree will most comments above


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1. Sound - With the exception of being able to hear just about everything so clearly, the sound is awesome!

2. Graphics - Widescreen support out of the box, what can I say?

3. Weapons - Rather than going the R6 way of only being able to choose ONE attachment (or the [GR] way of only selecting predefined kits), we are allowed to choose whatever we want (as long as they don't interfere with eachother).

4. Support - GRiN has been actively supporting this game since it's release, and only once have I ever seen a developer do this kind of support (Third Wave Games). Even then they weren't as good as GRiN is with support.

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Yesterday i noticed the trigger-pull animation, it's kinda kewl.

1. Sound superb

2. Playermodels + animations 10/10

3. Bullet impact on metal (other materials) is awesome. (granade explosions)

I still see only the positive aspects of the game, got nothing to complain

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agree with above and...

i like the way the maps cater to both ground fighters and snipers both. one of my complaints with [GR] maps was that most of them catered to one or the other and not both.

i don't know what the new sound is about with the sniper rifle zoom but it's pretty cool nontheless.

i like the cover on the maps and the bit of physics that goes with it i.e. it may not be the best choice of cover.

the game itself has become damn good, i wish more people would come back and give it another chance or come and try it for the first time.

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wow the polarity of the graw community is humerous for every positive thread there is a negative one :rofl:


maby the admin should split the graw forums into two, same sub forums for each but one for pro graw and one for anti graw :P

Whats real funny about that is the same person started both threads...lol

No Offense OP.....!

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ya pretty hard for them to get it all right AND all wrong for the same person :lol:

Hmmmm drifts into dream sequence

Vox*BDA* sitting at his PC alone

:devil: "Just click the damn icon"

0:) "No, you know I don't like it"

:devil: "Just do it you damn ###### I need to kill something"

0:) "You know that really is a bad attitude"

:devil: "I'll show you a bad attitude in a minute"

"Careful of our blood pressure, have we taken our tablets today?"

"Aaargh, just start the damn game, you know you love it"





Gah, damn Icon limit :(

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Okay . Time to set the record straight.

I really lov...e...ergggh..ah...erGGh...hat.....e GRAW.

I mean what other game is so completely ERGHUMPPhhhah....aarGgGHHH..eeh, from beginning to end.

Seriously, GRAW will prove to be one the the most AHHHHGerrrr,,,umop.,,,JuggakoolwoHHE.arGGGh games that we will ever see.

(StOp WiTh ALl ThE CRaZy TaLk - DoN't LEt ThEM KnOW yOu'Re InSAne!!)

Of course...yeah....I mean.....ah......as I was saying..........eh....

(...................iT pUtS ThE GrAW DiSc IN tHE DriVE.....................iT pUtS ThE GrAW DiSc IN tHE DriVE.....................iT pUtS ThE GrAW DiSc IN tHE DriVE.....................iT pUtS ThE GrAW DiSc IN tHE DriVE.....................iT pUtS ThE GrAW DiSc IN tHE DriVE.....................iT pUtS ThE GrAW DiSc IN tHE DriVE..)

wel....ah..I gotta go...you see......there's this ah.....

(ImPOrtANT "DeVEloPER COUnCIl ELdER MeeTIng" whiCh WilL REveAl All AnsWerS To THe GamE IndUsTRy...)

there's this ... eh... meeting elder developed ...ah... cancers..... in ...ehh...........


you said...ummm..that..



woo....that's better.....too many nachos I guess....nelly....

so anyways, I put the two posts up to see what kind of reaction I would get. see what people really thought of GRAW. And to see what kind of input fans of the game might have in the future releases of GRAW. The answer?....well we'll just have to ask the elder council I guess.....

(ThATs WHAt U ThINk SmARtY sMaRTy)

(he hE he HO)


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