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1.30 Game Crash Scipt errors


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WOw. 2 Crash's with time same script error in 20 minutes.

DDDDDDDDCrash in application version: grpcrc1.30

data\lib\units\extensions\inventory.dsf(-1): cant find member: slot_name in type <destroyed c++class>



I wonder what this means.

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I'm not too sure what that means, but I got an error before and it was because a mod was installed. If you've got a mod, try uninstalling it.

No worries there. I do not have any mods. A few other fellow clansmen had the same error which is wierd. I did not have it before 1.30 but that dosnt really mean much. After the second error, it did not occur again for three hours whereas I got tired and stopped playing. Maybe just a glitch for tonight.

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