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Changing modes


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SADS or from the ingame "dedicated" server?

If you are using the SADS, I would say it would be safer to just down the server when you are wanting to change game modes. This is by far the safest bet. We have been testing the SADS during the beta and if you don't change the right settings you can get some funky or unstable behavior from the server. Addittionally, the load commands don't always work properly.

The best recommendation I have is to create individual configs for each game mode you want to play. Do this by going into your local install, goto create Interent server. Click on the new config on the right and name it (use no more than 4 characters - this is because of a naming bug from the console). I used OGRR for recon, OGRF for firefight, TDM1, etc. you get the idea. Then copy them over to the server machine in the settings/servers folder - they will be xml files like graw_server_OGR1.xml. Then edit your servers_shared.xml file to show which config to load at startup. This way you don't have to worry about conflicting configurations or the server becoming unstable.

Everytime then you want to change game modes, down the server, edit the servers_shared.xml file for the new mode config. Then restart the server.

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