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Choppy Issues, something different


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Hey guys,

I recently got GRAW for my PC. Here are my specs

Dual Core 2.8ghz

1gb ram

Geforce FX6800 i think 256mb ram

Now the thing is, GRAW for the most part runs very smoothly, but sometimes it suddenly slows down to really choppy speeds for a good 20-30 seconds, which is very annoying whenever im in the middle or about to sortie with the enemy. It's random too, it doesnt only happen when im in the middle of a fire fight, it happens when I'm running too sometimes. It aggrivating! >.<

I'm not real techie unfortunately so I was hoping some of you guys can help me. I read something about maximizing my dual core? How would I do that? I assume that for the most part I'm not utilizing my computer to the max. Thanks! smile.gif

Also wondering, does Dual core mean my computer is a lot faster? till this day I still dont quite understand the concept. Thanks again =)

PS: realized i posted this in the GR forum earlier, no wonder why no one was answering. So mods can remove the thread in the other forum. Thanks!

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