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iwas wondering if upgrading to direct x 9 is worth it . radeon 9500pro recognizes it but are there any issues with win/me that anyone knows of ? my other vid card on my other 'pute is a 32meg geforce 2 on win/me, which probably wouldn't be compatible with direct x9 ?


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im running three puters all xp pro but ranging from an athlonxp gf4 ti 4200 to my wifes pc with a celery 900 and a gf3 ti200 and the kids are running a celery 500 old HP pavilion with a pci tnt 2 32 meg and they all are running dx9 havent seen any issues yet, havent tried it with ME or 98 but seems stable with xp on my diferent PCs

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Well, here are a few things to consider.

Dx 9.0 is still a beta format. That means it is not "bug free" and is still in the testing phase, which in this case, MS is giving the masses a chance to test it on there systems.

Check your driver info if it supports 9.0, perhaps the recently released drivers for your Radeon do.

Dx9.0 will work with Windows Me, but I personally would stick to 8.1 and wait until the final release of 9.0, because if you get issues with Dx9.0, you will have to reinstall your OS to revert to your previous configuration.

Check Microsoft's website for more info.

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thats what i did just incase a restore point will remove it in xp and ME according to MS bear in mind that it is designed to stop working in march so if the full version isnt released yet youl either have to revert to 8.1 or try a newer dl of dx9, as drak ranger siad it is still a beta even tho MS did a good job of confusing the issue .

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I'm running a ;

PIIII 1.9 GHz.

512 DDR PC2100 RAM.

60 GIG HD.

ATI Radeon 64DDR 8500LE.

SB Audigy X-Gamer Platinum w/ Creative Labs 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System ( 5 / 4 Plus Woofer = 5 ).

And a WinME OS.

The DX9.0 Driver Update refreshed a Corrupt DDRAW.DLL Driver from My previous Installation of DX8.1, but Its made a world of Wonder in Refresh Rates and has actually made My Multiplayer Gaming better ( ? ).

Additionally - I'd also DL'ed a Driver Update for My Card but that was DL'ed and Installed before I'd DL'ed and then Installed DX9.0. The Difference was even more noticeable once I'd Installed the DX9.0 Drivers.

While I concede the BETA Issue - So far, its been a Great BETA for My ME OS...



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i installed dx9 when the main release was out and installed with updated drivers on my Xp. i noticed a drop in frame rate on all my games, nothing serious only 2-5 f/r drop. i am not sure why it would do that but i did a system restore and played the same games over on the same levels and my f/r was back up. i'll wait till the final release to install dx9 (if it ain't broke don't fix it is what i think about this)

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