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Recon or Firefight ?

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I am going to put this (the way it is) MP & TEAM guys are somewhat happy with the patches. Us Coop guys haven't found a patch yet that helps our delema. I'm still waiting. Firefight & Defend should have been in the game from the begining for PC. From reading other posts, I can tell that UBI didn't give GRIN alot of options on this. I am not against GRIN on this. I think GRIN did a hell of a job on GRAW. The SP is graphically beautiful & the urban feeling of terror is incredible. The weapons are fun to use & challenging (can't wait for mods). I'm just frustraited from the secrets. Each patch I'm hoping for some coop but none. I just wanted my favorite GAME GR to to have what GRIN gave it (REALISM) with my GR way of thinking (ROE) hint hint. Even my old fav R6 with some opening doors & room clearing. I know that Rocky & everyone here has to monitor these forums & that's gotta get on your nerves. This is the first forum I've ever joined cause I saw GRIN here. That's respectalbe as hell. Just hope this post helps the expansion because I'll buy it for the SP.

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OH by the way, Willie go back to work pls. oh wait......forget this is "part" of your job :rofl:

Awwww colin thanks .

ok lets see when did you kids join this site ....06 04 oh , ok LOL , kids some of you , didn't even knew about the existance of GR1 .

And yes thers ppl. posting neg. and some others posting pos. , at the end all its feedback , but seems you kids don't undertand that , if you really , dont like the post , just ignored , easy , LOL

Go play ,..go , enjoy you product .

But it's looks like , this call your attention , give you something to do , :x as we see , your not playing your game , LOL you are here :whistle:

R6 Vegas , looks OK . lets see demo . (few months).


anyhow .

That said... enjoy this Fan site and the GR gamming communitty .


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Yeah, if there was ever a pointless thread..this would be it. In the topic it asks a question...you come in to read it and its just a rant of how the game sucks and is dead. Yet we are the kids.... :blink: Its one thing to give feedback...this was definitly not feedback...just someone spouting off at the mouth.

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