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VBS1 Question

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This section is full of info, but I clipped this from another post that I made.

This game shines in MP, communities like VBS Resources & vbs.info are fine examples of why VBS1 is one of the best platforms out there. Both are active, and you'll find plenty of folks to play with.

Razors Edge also has games nightly, and I may be biased, but we do a decent job of getting our monies worth.

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The VBS community is second to none. Whilst I don't VBS due to a small timezone issue (i.e. I'm in the wrong one), when I did stay up into the wee small hours, the games and the people who were online were exceptional. I'm sure everyone would agree that there's a level of maturity that's not seen in many realms. VBS stands out for that.

Missions can be 5 or 10 minute firefights, or 1-2 hours slogs from insertion to extract (or more usually death) with a huge rollercoaster of bits inbetween. You very much get out what you put in, but bear in mind that there are few if any run and gunners in VBS.

God I miss VBS'ing :'(

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I've not been able to game in months, due to work, but I remember games almost nightly with the RE guys (and gals). Most missions were 30 - 40 minutes, usually alot of slogging, with the occasional firefight, usually at 500 -- 600 meters. VBS1 can be alot -- a LOT of fun with the right guys.

One of my all-time favorite gaming sessions was with Gordo, HF, and couple of other SF guys. HF, myself, and the others were inserted and assaulted a compound on foot, while Gordo provided air support. Just an amazing time. It was great, except for when I accidentally shot HF. :blink:

To add to what T_1 said: VBS1 is not a run and gun game. Granted, at times it pays to keep moving. There was one mission where the rest of the squad got pinned down and killed, while I lived to kill many more enemies before I was overrun. I lived simply because I shot - moved, shot - moved.

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