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=EU= MapPack V1.0 has been released


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Hi all,

we have released our first mappack for GRAW.

It consists of 6 maps playable in DM,TDM,HH and DOM. For further information and screenshots visit our site:


To download the mappack You have to register, I know that some don't like, but this is just thought as a feedback. Further I would like to receive any comments about.


Below find the readme.txt of the mappack and have fun as usual



MOD TITLE : EU mappack V1.0




WEBSITE : http://www.eu-clan.net

CREDITS : My special thanks to all =EU= members for map

testing and comments !

Further I would like to say thanks to viiiper,

I have asked him for permission to release

eu_tunnelrave, because it has a similar style

as one map he has desgined. His answer:

"Thank you and the editor is your play ground

enjoy... I do not mind... we all work together

for graw community... look forward to your

finished map



INSTALLATION : Copy the included .bundle file to your

C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\

custom_levels\ folder.

Adjust as necessary if you didn't install GRAW into

the default location.

DESCRIPTION : The main target was to have some additonal maps,

playable with arround 10 players.

You may try to play them with more on your own risk :)

I have seen a lot maps which are rather big, not the

right style for my tiny shoes.

Further I would like to say a word to my special

friends out there: spawn rape sucks and is for noobs only,

just play as a sportsman and have fun.

The EU mappack V1.0 for Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

includes 6 maps:

eu_manhunt DM,TDM,DOM,HH size: small/medium

eu_parking TDM,DOM,HH size: small

eu_embassy DM,TDM,DOM,HH size: medium/big

eu_stronghold DM,TDM,DOM,HH size: medium

eu_tunnelrave TDM,DOM,HH size: medium

eu_meetingpoint DM,TDM,DOM,HH size: big

If You want to copy this mappack full or partly into any

other mappack, I kindly ask for a short feedback, thx.


REQUIREMENTS : patch 1.21 graw

Readme file version 1.0


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:D On how many webistes You have been registered to download free stuff ?? I assume You havn't count it.

However, if You have read my post cerafully You can see that anyone else can host the file however and whereever he want to. I just want to be informed where the maps are going to.

For those who are still afraid to sign up with an email adress to confirm, just see this site:

http://www.mailinator.com :devil:

From my point of view there is no big deal, if I want to have something for free, it is not a pain to ask for registering. If You still don't like, I can live with that, I am sure the Pack will be hosted on a different place soon. On our page the downloading of files remains for registered users only :o=

Thanks again for your understanding



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same here,

if U wont folks to play your maps give it um not make um bend over backwards for it.

Some guy spends weeks putting a map pack together, and you think it is "bending over backwards" to spend 1 minute registering to download it - for your OWN enjoyment? :wacko:

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I don`t register on clans forums because of personal reasons realy...just a mistrust thing..

as for filefront, i don`t know if it`s a uk thing but i have to wait ages for it to give me anything and most of the time it gives me nothing..My other team mates have the same probl;em with it..

Thanx for trying though

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