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Swamp level help !

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Has anyone ever had trouble capturing the russian general guy in the swamp mission (its in the original GR missions, where you have three "islands" to clear of bad boys).

I've cleared the eastern island (where the general is) but left him there gone on to clear the western island, but when I go back and run up to the Russian general and "bump" him (because it says right here in the instruction manual to bump into people to capture them) the butt-monkey starts shooting and usually wastes the guy I send in to get him.

I've tried clearing the northern island before going to capture him, but it then tells me that the mission is then complete....

I've also tried to disable the general by sniping his weapon and shooting him in the leg then trying the capture him. Niether or those worked...

Am I missing something??

(and on another topic - do NOT get me started on the idiot tanks that start chugging along up the streets and into villages before you've had time to reccey and secure the area - the game has the cheek to BLAME me when I get ###### with them for driving off to early and I destroy them myself.....!!!!)

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:P Pretty sure this was covered before in that previous topic. He won't surrender to you until you kill his two guards in the upper loft of the nearby house..they are just standing there drinking sodas and will be almost oblivious to your approach.. Good Luck!! :o=
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