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Good times with the GRIN boys today


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We played 4 hours with the GRIN crew today on the British Paras server. Desmond, Kentaa, Lufo, and Shonuff all brought their mojo, and I was freakin impressed. It probably helps that they know each map inside and out, but they are all sharpshootin mofos. They need to start laddering!

Thanks to the BPR's, my fellow TWL admins, UADD, PW, Ass, TBC, UEI, my fellow AODers, TAW, Core, and other indy's for keeping the server rolling. The server rolled smooth the whole time.

And correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Michael Jackson joined our comms today...?


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I do enjoy gaming with the Grinners, always humble, fair opponents. Although, Lufo did spawn nade me once! (I'm sure it was an accident!) :)


naw, but seriously :P It wasn't on purpose =) I threw acouple of random grenades, I try to stay away from them explosives though.

Thank you guys for giving us such a good time yesterday :D

I had a blast !

Im looking forward to the next time!

and yeah Splitz, you could actually keep up with us acouple of rounds there ;)

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