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GR:IT Xbox Now Playable on Xbox 360


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Microsoft updated their Xbox 360 backward compatibility game list yesterday to include support for Island Thunder Xbox! The addition of this title means that you can finally play the whole Ghost Recon series on the 360!


Can anyone tell me if the downloadable content for GRIT is available on the 360?

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Thanks for the news 5timechamp. Good to hear we can play some DS maps on the Xbox 360 too :thumbsup: I need to rehook up to XBL again ...

Now has anyone run [GR] or GRIT on a 360? Is the resolution any better, or does the game look pretty much the same as it does on the old Xbox?

Well, I've played GR2/SS on the 360, and although the resolution/textures can't be improved, the more powerful graphics chip does make a difference. I'm playing on a computer monitor and the images are definitely sharper.

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