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Who wants to check him?


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I've seen that one before. Didn't know where it was though, so GOOD FIND! The guy's a freekin' crackhead. There are so many obvious reasons to cast doubt on the authenticity of his service and his claims in that video.

I just wish I could have been part of pointing it out to the anti-war morons around this country...

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I always wondered about that guy as soon as I saw him with the BDU's and white tshirt underneath. I think I saw him on that Michael Moore documentary. Funny thing is, this is the first time i've heard of this. I wonder how many others were duped. It's amazing what propaganda, espically guys like this, can snowball into something very damaging.

Kind of reminds me of this homeless guy I see all the time downtown. He's asked me for money 3 times, saying he just got back from Iraq. Of course I always call him out on it, and he just says "people mistake me alot for other guys." lol....sad sad shame these people are

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