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Problem quitting GRAW


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Some of the skin, HUD, and weapon mods when used in combination would cause a pop-up (GRAW.exe has encountered a problem) during a quit but it didn't hang up the computer.

If you're using maps you must be patched to 1.21...did this just start happening or have you changed anything (like adding VOIP) on your computer?

Can you trace it to a particular map or map-pack and if so, check to see if the map has been revised? Also check the crashlog.txt in the GRAW directory to see if the error registers there.

Good luck!

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I think it could be something on your system that causes it . Ever since i started playing the demo and then the full game, the game has crashed when i quit the game. Even after intalling all the patches, i hit the quit game button and it goes to half black screen half desktop for min then i get GRAW has incountered a problem and needs to close box. I think it has only quit out with out a crash about 4 time since intall. Ubi cant tell me what it is "undeterin system conflict". :shifty:

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