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3 servers, more if needed...



1 HH

All are invited!

We need people to volunteer cooridnate in getting servers setup, both TeamSpeak and game servers...

Need a good size TS server so we all can get on it.

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I'm thinking we should name the servers "SUMMER END BASH" ?

Also, we may need someone with a large TeamSpeak server too... At least a 50 slot server...

Also, we could discuss the server configs for the most amount of enjoyment for everyone?

Ha! :rofl: I'm in...just name when, and I'll be there...

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Sounds like fun, count me in. Just need to work out Australian time with yours, hope that it's not something like 4.00am in the morning :)

As I recall, it's about 14 hours later in Brisbane than it is in Washington, DC. Funny, after two trips to Oz you'd think I'd have the time difference memorized...

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