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OGR Co-op Tournament?


OGR Co-op Tournament?  

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I was thinking this same question while talking with my +SD buddies on TS. We were like, hey, if GRAW was working correctly, we'd be having the first +SD Invitational GRAW Tourney right about now.

But then I got to thinking, why not do another [GR] Tourney.

I like where this is going. :)

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Ill be in for sure...I will hook up with someone if not the Freedom Fighters Clan and have a crack. i know Alpha Squad will be in it too, and I can find other Clans who will be in it.

Which Coop Missions?

Might I suggest this as a stencil?


Check out the "GRAW Co-op tournament" resourece.

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I'm suprised that so many remain jazzed about another Tour. I think it's pretty cool. This [GR] game has and still remains strong. And I have my doubts that GRAW will ever evolve into a serious replacement. If anything, AA will be that next level that we're hoping for.

As far as another tour? The Poll that GR.NET put up is a great gauge for calibrating the current interest level players still have for this game. And who-ever decides to do another Tournament, they'll have no problem filling slots.

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