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MP Pack 3 Beta Test thread

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Well I just got email from UBI. The beta is starting today and will run for a total of FOUR days. That would be through Friday. I would have thought they would at least have it run through the weekend.



Four servers will be available, two in the US and two in Europe. Please note that the test will last 4 days, and the servers will propose two modes at the same time, either [Ghost Recon] coop mode, Siege mode or Hamburger Hill.

Your role


As a beta tester, we expect you to both judge GRAW MP PACK 3 technically as well as qualitatively and to explore all modes and features. Be the ones that show the most interest and dedication to this beta-test and win exclusive Ghost Recon goodies.

I sure wish they had told us what "[Ghost Recon] coop mode" was. I'm guessing it is not what we play most every night over on the Alpha Squad public server. Oh well, I guess I will find out when I get home tonight and fire it up.

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and the first thing I get is an error message on load on a script stack error. I am also unable to post on the tool at ubisoft. any ideas?

Shut off script debuggin in the internet explorer...

Tools, internet options, advanced look in the list and check off disable script debugging.

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