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Bad performance on just a few servers.


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In these servers, usually low ping servers(30-100), it takes several minutes to just load a map. I get a FPS drop that stays around 10-25 (normal is 35-50) and the mouse doesnt respond at once.... ½ sec late.

And one of those servers are GRAW Official EU -02.

The longer i play on one of these servers the worse it gets.

Then im joining another european server with higher ping(110-200) and it works great.

Loading takes just a few sec, no mouselag or stutter at all. FPS is great and im shooting and blasting as never b4.

I tried to close all other programs, firewall and AV... even change Uploadlimit in GRAW-menu.

Nothing helps...

My frieds dont have the same problems at these servers though.

Any ideas?

My specs:

AMD 3500+


Asus 7800GT

Audigy SE

Im located in sweden with ADSL 17/1

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