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ACU Gucci Kit


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Hey guys here are some screenies of my new mod. I took WP33`s old ACU skin (with permission of course) and changed the tones to look more like the pattern does to the naked eye, adjusted slightly to take into account lighting in wood, desert and jungle I also outfited he ghosts with ACU vests, pads and pouches. Will be released in the next day or two depending on how quickly I can get it uploaded to Fileshack or someplace:







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Hehehe, well I have to admit I cheated a bit guys:

1) I have no idea how to paint a skin or make it look like drawn fabric, so I used WP33's ACU as a base and then just played with the shades in Photoshop

2) The wood, desert and jungle ACUs will look identical in game but line them up and you see the result below. The one in the middle is wood - basically what my real ACU pants look like. Then, because IGOR is old and can't do lighting exceptionally well, I lightened and darkened it just a tad for desert and jungle.


I considered that making up for IGOR's shortfall as opposed to cheating. The difference is minimal but just sells it that little bit more. Now these patterns do what it says on the box - they're not as good as either woodland or desert but a reasonable compromise if you've only got one choice for all environments. The tones are very earthy to the naked eye and while it's true it's just a little too light for the bush and a little too dark for the desert, I think the skins I've done reflect that in game.

I still marvel at how the ACU shorts I wear actually pick up different hues depending on the light - sometimes they go very green and sometimes seem almost pink. In many publicity shots the ACU comes off looking blue/grey but this actually proves how effective it is. It really is a bit of a chameleon and it's simply picking up the white of the camera flash!

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hehe very clever :thumbsup:

I have a question concerning ACU. If you're in desert environment, will it still have this blue-greenish colour or will it look more desert-tannish?

Y'know my desert ACU looks almost like desert Marpat :(



My interest in the ACU came from those very first publicity shots - in which the pattern looked like an awful grey and white arctic/urban combo when modelled against a green backdrop. I thought 'how can this be an all-terrain pattern?' I later learned the blue look comes from false light - like flurescent lights, camera flashes and possibly from a natural deep blue sky in open areas. My shorts have never looked blue - at worst a dull grey depending on the light.


In all other aspects the ACU does what it says on the box blends in reasonably well in all environments but not especially well in one. In-game you'll see it a bit light for the woods, a bit dark for the desert and under the moonlight - yeah a little blueish. Take a look at these pics below. Most are quite earthy but the last two show a very blueish look. I attribute that to camera flashes and in the case of the Iraq pic, possibly the very open terrain and very blue sky.












I don't know where the science of this pattern's chameleon effect comes from. The three colors in ACU (below as seen to the naked eye) were no doubt carefully chosen to pick up the hue of whatever combination of light source and background is available. Notice the difference between the pic above this paragraph and my rendering below. Above is a photo (presumably with a flash) and below is what my pants look like as I painted this.


Possibly because no one color is dominant - the pattern is split pretty much 1/3 each - the dark greyish green comes up in urban areas, the light tan dominates in the desert, the light blueish olive possibly gets bluer under blue and white lights and the two greens conspire to make the pattern greener in the woods.

I don't know what the science is, but I had to work hard to get the above effects to work in-game, as we're dealing with photoshop and a 5-6 year old game engine.

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Try to actually start a download. This is what I get:

Your download has failed. There were no available download servers. Click here to try your download again.

Clicking does nothing except bring up the same message over and over. :(

Does anyone have this file hosted somewhere else? If so, please PM with me a link. I'd love to have this one!

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