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What's the point of continuing to complain?

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I don't even know where to begin on this one, save that I am reminded of the character, Otis, from "House of 1,000 Corpses." Perhaps the above was plagiarized from a deletd scene?

HA HA HA that was almost appropriate but you got me out of character.

Think "onion drive"


Do not forget that four policemen from 4 towns folloed it at low speeds it was at tree top levels, basically outside the fences at Whiteman AFB. They followed it for 4 hours and then it took off. Whiteman AFB do you need a goolge on that it is home of 100% of the B2 Spirits and other assets.

This is not science fiction, but the science of yesterday.

Imagine being able to move a building, or transporting heavy lift across the globe in a matter of hours,.

Like ROCO said he did not like armor dropping on his head and it might indeed prove to be a reality in the next 20 years.

NO more satelites why? you do not need them when you can orbit at 140,000 feet, and any country that wants nukes-great we got a rail gun, tha tshoot these really cool little ceramic pellets at 150,000mph and you cannot do a damn thing about it.

I do not like your SAAB,,ten thousand little holes and she runs no more.

Cannot kill that which you cannot see nor reach at 140,000 ft

I am for a 4x defence department allocation.


I may own a little yellow bus, but I did score in the top 5% in my SAT's, and one of the highest ever in the asvab prior to AFROTC, and after that well???-they will call, before they knock so I can put my pants on because my DSS is still valid.

Just a games forum talking about little green men and stuff.

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papa 6.

you said..

I just got my call of duty 2 special edition and yes i saw 3 people bunny hopping but I'm kinda migrating to the WWII stuff. But time will tell.

If you wanna groove on ww2 MP, in a world completely devoid of bunny hoopers, sprint machines and superspray weapons, look no futher than Red Orchestra. The ultimate in tactical ww2 MP. Period. PERIOD> Nothing even comes close for a commitment to realism, an elimination of super human or super weapon manuevers and just pure down-in-the-dirt, crawl-on-your-belly, scrap-for-every-inch-of-territory fighting in the blood and the mud WW2 goodness.

If you are looking for tactical and serious, and you have chosen COD2 to get that fix, your herione is unpure. It is cut and diluted. Red Orchestra is pure, 100% grade A stuff.


P.S. Good god? is this thread still alive?

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I for one, think NOX would be a blast on comms. I don't know why.

Ha ha I used to tell =wWw= that they had no clue,, "huh what" they said and I told them "lets go out into the woods for seven days" and as they played sniper I would sit in my hole eating ants and bugs and "stuff" and on the 6th day I would come out and eat them.

I think Hanks got it about right

I had a good friend in New York City

He never called me by my name just HillBilly

My GrandPa taught me to live off the land

And his taught him to be a business man

He used to send me pictures of the Broadway Night

And I'd send him some homemade wine

But he was killed by a man with a switch blade knife

For forty three dollars my friend lost his life

I'd love to spit some Beechnut in that dudes eye

And shoot em' with my ole 45

Cause a country boy can survive

Country folks can survive

Born and raised an old New Englander

Peace out


From RAINY Tampa Florida Home of Central Command

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WHAT IS THE POINT??????????????

OMG PC games must be dieing must be !!!!

Why try to make excusses just look what happened.

WE HAVE GHOST RECON A HUGE SUCCESS , I still play it since day one it hit the shelves. NEVER once came here and bitched about it.


3) we wanted a Ghost Recon 2 but didnt get it, although the silly kiddies did. Too bad it was just a flavor of the week to them.

4) PC gamers of GHost Recon put hopes in dreams into GRAW only to see one of the most screwed up , anticipated , game launches any human being has seen on the face of this planet.

THATS the real problem boys and girls. A patch doesnt get you into a clan of like minded peeps again. A patch doesnt bring people to the internet to play. This is a huge failure. After all of these years how in the hell could this have happened? WHy did it have to be so jackassed retarded. Why did so many people get so overconfident that they could please this fan base? After years of let downs and expectationS WHO IN THE HELL THOUGHT IT WAS JUST GOING TO HAPPEN SO EASY. Too many lazy lame brain people in this world...isnt it obvious to you the everyone responsible for this is to blame.

DONE done done :stupid:

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Oh that is an even better "black" project. Yeager went to 124,500 in a series three century aircraft. 125,000 is space. guys like Carpenter and the other heroes of x-15 got their astronaut wings that way.

Aurora was a Reagan project and moved from tonopah to UTAH, it is operational. It leaves a contrail like a "cigar smoker puffing smoke rings" due to its engines and its optics are legendary. All you in England can see them at dusk if you watch-the base name starts with an "M".lol eye strain

F-4 Phantom is good at 20,000 and 10miles out, Aurora is clean to the skin and good at 80,000ft +30 miles.

Kelly Johnson was the man with the SR-71 and not to forget the YF-12A, but the new breed are re-writing the books-though we will not be able ot read them for a while.

Here is some trivia, the US space program (even the shuttles) for years used 8086 chips because even with shielding had the possibility of data corruption due to solar electrons bridging the circuits.

But to get back to original topic Highjack


Even though the repost mentions Scott AFB, a KC Refueler base, WHITEMAN AFB is very near.

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improvements in what way? advance the game engine for [GR] and GRAW doesn't stand a chance

but keep the game itself the same in it's content.

See someone else here gets it.

Why were all those players all those clans discounted. Really its true an updated game engine with some better graphics and add the rest of the stuff and I would have paid $200.

hmmmm can i possibly come up with something we need from GRAW ...................nope sorry!!!!! maybe some of the sniper gun bullet power but thats it. :wacko:

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