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2 probs - anyone help?

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Hey yall.

1. I just installed mappack 2. My version is now 1.21.

But I lost all my saved missions and have to start a new Campaign!! :wall:

Itried a system restore on teh XP but no luck- anyone seen this before - I dont mind that much as Id just restarted the campaig n any way but its a pain.

2. I just got cable highspeed at last!! (they just installed it my backwood region) :yes:

so after I downloaded the mappack 2 and installed - I went to join an internet server - but everyone I tried gave an error message saying "My game files didnt match the servers" - even the ubi servers?? What am I doing wrong?


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:wacko: Nah Come on - surely there has to be something else to try first...Im not bothered about the campaign restart, I just wanna be able to play MP.

I cant believe a complete yank and re-install is the only answer.

thanks and no dis FUBARnz, but anyone got another idea?

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Does your anti-spyware-anti-virus allow connection to gamespy?

I had to allow it on my system. It always asked.

But, I also re-installed everything too. Just a "clean-install" freak i guess, but it seemed to help.

Otherwise...........................I really am not sure..................Kingkat

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I also had that message "game files didnt match the servers". That is the AC doing it's job.

For me, I had installed that Beta MOD loader designed to play "Siege".

Check in the game directory, there is a folder called "Local". In it, there are several folders labelled French, English... If you have another folder called "Siege", simply delete it.

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