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Desert Boonie v2.0

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After lots and lots and lots of procrastinating, I've decided to release a new version of my Desert Boonie Mod before I ship off to basic. I just have a quick question for any gamers out there.

Take a look...

If you observe the upper left corner in my picture of the GR characters, you'll notice that the regular ghosts have all 3-color desert camoed or tan equipment, interceptor vests and kneepads, packs, etc...

My question is:

Would you prefer the 3-color desert or the more conventional woodland camo equipment?

Just looking for some feedback. :D

Thanks in advance,

moakes, mikey-san, etc...

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Hehe, well truth be told I'm not a member of the DTD team. I'm more like their most vocal groupie or something of the like. All i do is beta test, toss out critique's/ideas, spread the word on current developments, etc. All the new skins were made by Cocobollo. He really is the master, I'll pass on your sentiments though. I'm sure Coco needs his ego stoked alittle more. :rolleyes::D

At any rate I've beta'd a lot of mods in my day and tried played many more. I thought your first desert boonie mod stood out. It was really well done. Look forward to seeing 2.0. :)

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I'm sorry swartz, but no. You MUST have DS to be able to play with this mod and you legally must have IT to play it, as well. ;) I'm currently in the process of changing the actor files to be able to use both skins in game, due to the suggestions recently given. It is ######' tiring, though. I hate manually changing 'actor' files.

In regards to weapons:

The weapons you see are just camoed versions of the generic m16 and m4. I got the idea from pics of US weapons used in Afghanistan. I don't know if I should leave it, though due to the fact that weap's aren't Theater-specific (i.e. desert-camoed weapons are visible in the Georgian and Cuban missions, and I don't like my mod f---ing with other campaigns)


I just made a quick skin of Stone wearing all Brit Desert camo. I will post it soon and you can tell me which looks better.

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:o Looks tight :D Like what has been already said..do both, please. With regards to the guns, could you also do them in camo, have two versions so that the player has an option of choosing the camo or regular version. Any ETA on this mod? Thanks for the hard work :ph34r:
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Ghosts are now viewable either with full 3-color desert or desert + woodland camo equip. Since I modded only half the actor files, the chances that any of these soldiers will have 1 or the other is 50/50, in game. This also changes slightly some aspects of other campaigns, but I have adjusted so that it does not a affect gamelplay on the other ones.

*I just had a thought. Did you guys want me to make the mod have both camos viewable in-game or able to be turned on or off in the mod selection menu? What I have done is the former, so let me know if you meant the latter.

Camo'ed weap's are now a supplementary mod that can be turned on or off in the mod selection menu.

Specialist characters are now being polished.

So far, my characters have the following camos:

3-color desert (current US issue)

6-color desert (Gulf War)

Night desert

desert MARPAT

Brit desert

*Let me know if there is a camo you'd like to see, and I might include it.

I estimate that my mod will be done and released in the next 1-2 weeks.

Thats all, for now.

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more pics:


I think I finally got my US marine skin to the way I want it.

Also, someone wanted me to skin Jack Stone with all Brit Desert. I did, and posted it next to my original Jack Stone skin. Which is better?

Thanks for the feedback. I think I might have this mod out earlier than I thought. :D

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