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BQ-Gaming for GRAW and GR


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Are you looking for a new Ghost Recon gaming league. Yes they still are around. And active. Plenty of clans and recruiting and easy to create a clan of your own. Check us out. All welcome. Come to our site.


We also have a Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter league getting kicked off. With its own map pak. Check it out.


Any question. contact us and let us know.

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BQ-Gaming is growing. We are looking for more players and clans. We have several game ladders, Top ladders are GRAW and GR. We have a map pak for GRAW and are in the works of trying to get new maps for GR to bring more life and fun back to the game. So, if you are looking for some new people to put your skill against and to meet. Come check us out. Bring your team if you have one. You can click the link or my sig below to check us out. We just started up some new scripts that are great. Come check us out. Bring a freind or more. See you on the battlefeild. I will be waiting.


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We are also looking for staff to admin our games. If you think you got what it takes and are willing to help grow the Battle Quest Gaming Community then please fill in the application and send it to work@bq-gaming.com.

Admin application file:


Feel free to check us out and give your input and or suggestions on our forums what you think you would like to see on BQL or changed so we can improve the community.

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