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Training Map As Requested


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I've created a similar version of the training map in gr1 for G.R.A.W.

So far only hamhill and deathmatch are available at my clan website

downloads page http://home.indy.rr.com/grimclan




If anyone knows how I can improve the graphics in the game where walls overlap each other I would be greatful for the information.

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NOTE: It has also Compound bundle files but i dont know whats that.

LMAO !!!

That compound map is a true stroke of genius !! i love it and can`t wait to get a good team on there to learn some nice tactics..

You are a genius bati boy !!

The training map is also very very nice and very true to the origional...Nice one dude the best made maps yest as far as i`m concerned..They are up for playing on the british paras server although i`m offline tonight.

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Sorry about that fella's, I pulled it from the website to finish the outside edges of the map.

I will have it back on the website around Aug. 14/Aug 15. I also recreated DeDust if your interested. DeDust should be done about the same time. I have also made some changes in the Compound map that should make for a better game. There almost done, rendering takes forever.


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I've placed the following maps on the website for download. :)

Grim Training HH

Grim Training DM

Grim Compound HH

Grim Compound DM

Grim DeDust HH

Grim DeDust DM

If the links by chance dont work its because the server sometimes gets shutdown.

Try Back Again Later

These versions were uploaded to http://www.ghostaholic.com/ by somebody in this forum. Thank You :) That was very thoughtful of you.

Here is a direct link to the my GRAW page.


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First off let me commend you for your efforts.. nice job on the maps. Not 100% sure i like the compound map with the shooting tanks.. but it's a neat new idea.

As for the old GR maps you created, I have to say you did a good job recreating the maps and feel. I was on last night with members from your group...

A few things I noticed

A buddy or mine spawned off the map somewhere or in a wall or a box? all he could see was black. It was in the northern section near the L structure.

If I could I would only change one thing... it would be to change some of the boxes into undistructable features. Only because, for instance - the halway that connects each side .. it has boxes and provides cover.. destroy the boxes and it turns into a boring halway.. in GR the could not be destroyed thus giving exciting cover...

Oh ya.. I had a few walls flickering and stuff.. not sure if that grpahic card induced or just how the walls are attached or textured? 7900GT with latest drivers?

But I do like some of the personal touches you added..

Hey in HH, I see there are area's that would be consider the "smoke" in [GR].. anyway to highlight them on the playing screen and not just the mini map?

Again, just my two cents.. great job

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Thank You for the input,

I have some reports of a bad spawn on red team in the DeDust HH map.

Will be fixing that soon.

The vehicles in Compound was also reported, They do NO DAMAGE to the players.

Will be fixing that soon.

The buddy of yours may have had a previous beta version of the map and might not have read the instructions for installing. One of my members had the same problem. It turned out to be caused by overwriting the old file rather then deleteing it first like the instructions say to. I recommend your friend delete the files and place fresh current copies in there place.

The flickering is because these where my first projects and I didnt know any better.

Your not supposed to overlap textures. I overlapped textures all over the map to get

the map size as close to the original as possible. I will most likely will redo these maps

once I have learned to make my own walls.

Couldnt find any crates that dont blow up in the game editor so I will have to learn to make my own.

Either way we are still having a blast playing them.

I added a crazy lawnmower video to my site today if your bored and need a laugh.


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