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New Gametype: La Cosa Nostra Massacre


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A simple gametype but fun I made... Direct download here: http://tsactuo.googlepages.com/cosanostra.zip

4 mafia members are scattered randomly in the map (they are always visible on map). Kill all 4 of them, and get the to extraction zone. Enemy reacts very aggressively when you kill one of them (compared to when you kill the other random patrol guys). Also each mafia members is guarded.

Recruit ~32 enemies

Veteran ~55 enemies

Elite ~90 enemies

gametype is compatible with every map/mod since it just uses Origmiss files. If you use it with my RTS mod ( http://tsactuo.googlepages.com/rts ) the spawn locations will be even more random.

This is single player only

Installation: extract to Mods/Origmiss/Mission, or if you don't want origmiss, to any mod you have activated.

Have fun

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It downloads normally to me.

Try going http://tsactuo.googlepages.com/rts first and then click on the download button next to La Cosa Nostra.

You save the gtf file in a the mission folder of any mod.

Update: Oh sorry Internet explorer need right click and save as, to get it else it shows text file. The file now is a zip. Have fun

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This is not a mission but a gametype. It works like a firefight/recon/defend type mission. All you have to do is to select quickmission, than a map and finally a type of gameplay from top-left. In this case you will have to choose cosanostra.

It works great, very good gametype tsactuo! :thumbsup:

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Thanks for the good words guys and thanks rocky for putting it on the main news page.

A new version of La Cosa Nostra gametype was released today at my site

( http://tsactuo.googlepages.com/rts ), rocky if you can, update the download section with the new version.

New version 1.06 includes:

- Coop support (zip includes 2 files, 1 for SP and 1 for coop. Plz report bugs on Coop, i can't test it)

- The extraction zone is random, and appears on the map only after you kill all 4 mafia members.

- Extraction Zone is guarded now. Guarders quantity depends on difficulty.

- Now only 1 member needs to reach the extraction, but he needs to stay there and secure it for 10 seconds before game succesfully ends.(This was done for COOP mainly as it is boring to wait for all members to get to zone, but also useful for SP as it is boring to take all your platoon there).


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Just a note guys, after a game if you press Restart the positions on all enemies (and mafia members) will be the same, and if you "re-pick team" they will spawn randomly again. So if you liked a game positions and want to replay it, just go for restart.

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New Version 1.12 released. Download at http://tsactuo.googlepages.com

Changes include:

Bug Fixes

Even more Random Extraction Zone

New gametype:

La Cosa Nostra (solo). This gametype is just like the normal one, but the only enemies that are visible on the map are the mafia guys. Never the others, even if you have clear view of them. This gametype is playable with only 1 soldier. It was made for increased difficulty in SP.

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That last version also has scoring. It appears at the end of the game in single player and in coop it also appears on the standard team score.

100 is the best score you can get. killing mafia men or managing to get to the extraction zone is a plus. killing other patrols except mafia is a minus. this was done to promote stealth.

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