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Well its final!


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That video you made, Prozac. LMAO. I couldn't believe that you put your GR:AW dvd in the microwave. You must have been really fed up with the game's development. lol

If he nuked his disk how come he has played it for 8 hours this week as his x-fire says ??

Or am i missing something ?


I am assuming that he nuked it the other day, if not a few days ago. It doesn't surprise me though. I hated GR:AW but this passed week I played it daily to prepare for what the recent patch was going to bring. Even though I was impressed by the patch, it leaves something to be desired. The new modes hadn't rekindle my interest in the game. I am just tired of playing on the same maps; with the same environments.

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if i remember correctly he microwaved the game after trying the new patch. It was not what he needed the patch to be for him to continue on playing the game so it got patched his way...... the testing of the patch would be the 8h this week prior to the destruction. :rofl: correct me if im wrong here prozac thats what i thought took place.

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I love that music and the movie that went with it from [GR].

Rain stops, the sun is high in the sky and the Ghosts march their POW's to the helo.

Why did this go so wrong?

Correction, the ghosts from [GR] march the ghosts from GRAW to the helicopter for trying to impersonate SOF guys. :gun::grin3:

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I wish I had the programs to illustrate this, but I don't so I'll just describe it to you.

Gordon, Cohen, Ibraham, Munz, Stone, & Galinsky, leading Mitchel and company to their permanent imprisonment. How did the Ghosts of GRAW with all their futuristic equipment loose to the Ghosts from the past?

Easy, Alpha met them head on, then Bravo flanked them from the left. Then memories of GR2 came in and the "new" ghosts lost all squad commands and couldn't effectively manuever, and their linear view of the mission did not allow them to think that the enemy could come from another angle. However, the final stake in the heart was the mission was suddenly cancelled and they could not fight for a while.

When the Ghosts of GRAW finally came to, they tried to use their red diamonds, but the option was not available in their server, so they were hopelessly lost without their techno gizmos, and by then it was too late, as the Ghosts of [GR] had already moved in.

GRAW vs [GR], and the winner is.... [GR]!

The day I see Prozac nuke an [GR] cd, I will declare it a tie.


You laugh, but this is a serious issue. Life vs death, [GR] vs GRAW. :gun::g_withgrin:

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