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Well its final!


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You know roco... I played in your server a couple nights ago...

You know aswell as me that I didnt suck at the game and im no noob at how to play the game.

Whiner gone

Gone from that game, yes. Gone from UBI, yes. Gone from GRnet, no! I will be here playing Armed Assault when its launched with lots of other people I have met on this site.

You mean "IF" it's launched. I had been waiting for that game for the last 2 years and have pretty much giving up.

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I'm a big fan of the microwave and everything (great invention), but if you are going to destroy something why not bring out the big guns? Literally.

Maybe you could consider a sequel. =)

I dont think GRAW is worth the cost of the ammo for that it would actually need to be a not totally crap cd just not the best to be worth buying some 5.56 and 7.26 rounds for. but there are many more cost effective ways of destroying it :whistle:

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GRIN would love to see this :whistle:

I dont think it is meant toward GRIN. GRIN kicks ######, UBI$oft is the DEVIL!!!!

I knew making this video and posting it I would have some folks attack my dignity. Simply because I toasted somthing that some people like.

Now it really shows who here is mature and or GR fans aswell. GRAW is not and will never be GR. While some see this video as an attack on their interests others here know where I would be coming from with this video.

I have said it all along: The only thing in common with Ghost Recon and GR:AW is the namesake. They spent so much time making it look "good" they forgot (oops!) to work on the gameplay and user interface. :huh::nono:

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While i cannot comment on GRAW (Havent gotten hold of it yet.), I am tired of certain fanboys (You know who you are, idiots.)

I like the idea of homemade napalm, a GRAW CD, and a BBQ lighter.

Did you know that if you mix equal parts of frozen orange juice from concentrate, and gasoline, you can make napalm? One could make many explosives from simple househole items... If one were inclined to do so :rofl:
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Yeah, styrofoam works too.

Gets all sticky and hard to get rid of though.

If i could ever find a safe place id do it, and tape it too...

How old are you again? How do you know about this stuff? Your some sorta revolutionary in training or something? :blink:

THATS IT! I'm assigning an FBI surveillance team on you! :angry::ph34r:

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That video you made, Prozac. LMAO. I couldn't believe that you put your GR:AW dvd in the microwave. You must have been really fed up with the game's development. lol

If he nuked his disk how come he has played it for 8 hours this week as his x-fire says ??

Or am i missing something ?

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