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Tactical Gaming Done Right

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Yeh I meant to put this on the news page ages ago - its a really good article. It's a shame he didn't get around to using any features from Ghost Recon, and I also thought that Lockdown really nailed some stuff (yes it did get somethings right!), but his main experience seems to have been with OFP.

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wow just read the whole article...well worth it, lots of great insight...i really do look forward to armed assault and specially liked the whole "freelook" section the most as it is a long overdue feature....only game ive ever had with "freelook" was Rogue squadron on the gamecube...in cockpit view u could look out to your sides to try and spot people on your flanks its great stuff and would be specially great for a military shooter...

btw...rocky what exactly did lockdown do right? not really a bash just curious as ive seen nearly everyone cut this game down..positive things would be nice for a change.

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