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Adding Always Run Toggle

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I don't know about you folks but I am tired of holding down the shift key for an hour to two hours to play this game. Always run should be an option for us. I would much rather press a key to walk than to run. The maps are so big you have to run to get to the good ambush points first, and doing so forces you to hold down the shift key. I actually got a cramp in my hand doing this.

How does everyone else feel about this issue, I am curious and I am hoping to gain support for GRIN to fix this.

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SURE! I would love it if they added this feature in. Then I could hear enemies even better running all over the map.

Even if they added the feature my keybinds would stay the same. Alot of this game is sound/listening and when you run etc...you make alot of noise hence you are easier to track.

You can tell the new players from the experienced ones, because they arent trying to run and gun this game.

It is a pain, but unless they make a tactical run that doesnt make noise, ill keep my keys the same.

I have learned my lesson early im a noob to tom clancy games. If I want to run all the time I play CoD2.

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I disagree with the GRAW sound system in that when I'm on a third floor and someone is on the ground on the backside of a building. I shouldn't be able to hear thier footsteps. PERIOD!

I don't remember exactly how many times I've said this here before now but, I know it's plenty.

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yes, run toggle is great. only it brings up a few questions. how will the switch be treated when you start strafing? will clicking primary fire override the toggle? if you're always running then you can't shoot. if you do wanna shoot - you'll need to stop. and when you shoot in GRAW MP you don't want to be standing around, you want to walk... but not run... so the switch back has to be done. that adds response time to a visual threat. i don't think it will get popular.

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