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GRAW players with ATI cards


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i was also using the latest omega drivers with my x800pro and when i changed to the cat 6.7 i noticed that all my games seem to be running better, graw fps still sits in the 30 -40's but it feels a lot smoother

and yes i have enabled geometry intsancing aswell

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Has anyone tried the 6.8 drivers yet? I seem to be having some problems with them. Ever since I installed them, after about 15-20 minutes of play GRAW freezes and minimizes and then the ATI vpu recovery window pops up stating something along the lines of "card not responding to driver requests". I can then click OK and I'm able to go back into the game no problem but only to have it happen again a little while later.

Annoying as it is, it's bearable under single player, but when I host a LAN game and this occurs, it kicks all the other players due to the "server not responding".

When I reverted back to the 6.7 drivers this no longer occurs.

MSI x1800xt w/ Arctic Cooling Accelero X2

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I only tested from a save point where I also tested 6.6 and 6.7.

It's GuardRailIX checkpoint 3.

With the 6.8 I noticed that when I approached the compound, there's kind of a shade pulled in front of the gunner in that watchtower. The opening is coloured black and only when I get closer to the wall, it "opens" again.

A bit OT: I noticed a drop in fps in GR1 when I gamed online. With the 6.7 it peaked over 250, now not higher than 170 and in some cases even down in the red. Could have been the connection so I'll do some more testing. I had hoped that after the noteable improvements of 6.6 and 6.7, the promised improvement for 256MB cards would give another kick in the right direction.

Probably ends with rolling back to 6.7 and wait to see if 6.9 fixes the 6.8 issues.

Running 2 * X1600XT in Crossfire mode.

EDIT: Checked the software in the Control Center and it still says version 6.7.

System Restore, same result.

Manually removed the software incl. regedit, re-installed and still the same.

I upgraded Microsoft Frame Network before the driver install.

Anyone else with same experience or is it an "error 40" (where "40" is cm, and the distance between me and my pc)

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I uninstalled 6.7 (+ everything ATI,..) ran a driver cleaner prg and installed the 6.8.

GRAW is working fine but no real FPS improvement.

(I had though an issue in 6.7 with the ATI Control Center not wanting to save the 'make the application run in full screen' I had to go in manually and change after each reboot)

With 6.8 its ok again

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