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I can NOT believe this:

I lost the latest one while working 24/7 to finish up a little game called "ghost recon advanced warfighter" hehe

"One" meaning girlfriend, for those of you who haven't read that thread yet. That was GRiN_Willie describing the pure HELL that is game development. Bad juju. And I hear that in Latvia (where GRiN is headquartered, by the way) the ladies are HOT HOT HOT! So I had an idea to give a little something back to the guys at GRiN...

I've started an online dating site! JUST for game developers and junkies to find true love while hard at work on non-sequels and patches...


Everyone go sign up! Also, if you know any lovely ladies (especially in Slovakia, so it'd be convenient to the GRiN guys) get them to go sign-up too. Let's make this thing work, eh? I've already set-up accounts for some of the more familiar faces at GRiN (PM me for your passwords) as honorary administrators for the site. They get free access to all features. For the REST of you:

Silver Membership- FREE! OK, so I had to incorporate some pop-ups and an occasional (twice a day) no-opt-out newsletter for the free ones (don't open the newsletter unless you like trojan horses), but it's FREE! You get a customized profile which includes your age, location, and other basic info. You can browse up to ONE other profile daily for free!

GOLD Membership- NOT FREE! Costs about $3.99 per minute in the continental USA, but it's LIVE. Whoops, wrong site...

PLATINUM Membership (equivalent to the GRiN accounts)- Includes a VERY detailed personality sketch (actually just one of those stupid love quizzes from www.thissiteisforkids.com), full specifications on your PC, and even has links to in-game chat with other Final Fantasy MCMLXI players on the site! (WoW coming next month) So it costs about $495.00 a day. SO WHAT?! You KNOW you wanna see it...

Tell ya what: if there's a GRiN developer out there who lost that one super-special gal (or guy, cuz you never know about those crazy Belgians) in the process of making this game better for us, I WANNA KNOW ABOUT IT. THIS community WILL stand for the romantic well-being of it's developer staff. We've GOT to take a stand somewhere...

As for anyone at Ubi losing a single moment of sleep to this game, well THAT would be most unexpected. Give the GR name rights to GRiN and go play SSX on your cool Xbox, you DWEEBS!


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wouldn't it be cheaper to just hire a Vegas hooker and fly her to New Balsamic Vinagerette (or wherever those guys are from) for a night? i'll check expedia and vegashookers.com for rates. we may be able to get a package discount providing we get a rental car too.

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Do they make Lada's for rent? Skoda? Not sure Enterprise even has offices in Belarus, where GRiN is. Yeah, this may take some doing. But you're probably right. OR could we just get them all MySpazz accounts and let nature take its course?

You're right. Forget MySpazz...

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No flights available


No vacation package flights are available for this combination of cities and dates. You can still save money by booking an Expedia Special Rate hotel. Then use the flight search tool to book a flight.

Search for Expedia Special Rate hotels.

Change your search.

Cancel and go to the home page.

sorry, i tried

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Thread Hijack Alert!

This is why GRAW is going to be a great game. The developers are here. They joke with us. They're part of the community.

GRiN, you guys are the most patient dudes I've ever encountered. We give you alot of xxxx and you're still around. Bravo and thanks!

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Office? Do you have a office?


Wiking hard at work

That pic was mis-captioned. That's actually RAbbi_74's apartment. It's all I can afford after all the $$$ I've poured into my computer, which crapped a hard drive (yeah, the system partition) on me earlier today. Last Seagate I ever buy...

In other news, GRiN_Wiking made off with my REAL apartment and REAL g/f and REAL Lincoln. Send him a postcard at Fort Bragg while I suffer on the hard, mean streets of GRiN's hometown- Lodz, Polska....

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