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I am singl girl please help me with it problem. I can't joi

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She's just here to sell Rocky 10,000 AK47s.

Because everyone knows Rocky is a major gun dealer :P


Dont forget to get the carry straps, cleaning kits and extra mags. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Hey what ever happened to that guy who wanted the FALs, did you sell them any Rocky?

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Be advised, it isn't all it's made out to be: I've just googled "nadenkkka0741" and found interesting results.... Look at the google search results.... Jeez, nadenkkka0741 is a member of like 100 odd forums (ok, so not quite 100), most of which she hasn't posted in. And in her profiles for those forums it's always the same:

Location: And

Website: http://www.date.com

Occupation: i want dating with man.

Interests: work. and fun.

She joined ALL of those forums yesterday (as well as joining GR.net forums yesterday.) She also provides different email addresses in some her profiles under her "nadenkkka0741" moniker. Some of those fourms have appeared to deleted her account, or given her a tag under her avatar that reads "Spammer"

well that is some serious detective work folks, LOL just teasin'...

working in the webhosting business, we see this constantly... russian gangs that have hackers on the payroll trolling around forums with their bots, seeing if anyone bites.

the best part was about her email being private... posted on a forum no less!

"Interests: work and fun." well that about covers things, don't it?

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the.ronin can stay where he is, this one is mine.

Well then you'd better move fast mate, you're up against some stiff competition here, like the likes of ronin and prozac there. Judging from ronin's absence from a thread that is usually right up his alley, we could safely surmise that he's probably maneuvering behind the screen here. You're going to have to do a James Bond on her real soon.

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Had no reply.

May be put off by my first question:

#1: Are you familiar with all basic maps, missions, weapons for standard GR/DS/IT?

Guess not.


@Tinker-> Don't worry; "she" won't be put off; rather I bet she's circulating your name to all her girlfriends & they're checking their dating schedules now. Probably you'll end up with a harem! :FIREdevil:

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some stiff competition

Bit premature isnt it, no ones met "it" yet :P:lol:

Yeh, but she's looking for 'help' from a gaming website. From gamers. Now, come on. She probably looks like a cross of Lara Croft and Susan Grey. With the attitude! How bad could she really be? As I said, the worse case scenario would be that she looks like that McKay woman.

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Russian Scams. i had one on my forums once, when i banned one account all the boys from other forum came and spammed my forums to the death. and if you send her an E-mail your "botted" your E-mail is now a part of spam bombing, mine is too :D

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I've got a prize here for anyone that gets a date with her.

Will it worth the plane ticket to go there? :lol:

бутылка водки? :)

What are you asking about vodka mate??

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