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Boomspeed also says if you do not visit your site in 45 days, they erase your account.

I myself was having problems with it deleting my pics, but thats fixed.

I dont know if you know or not, but there cannot be any spaces between the names of the pics when you upload them or else they erase.

Just like geocities. I wish geocities pics would show up on forums boards.

eh, free is free. :lol:

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Okay got this just today. My own fault. Major, you may wanna watch your 6 though.

Dear stingerman,

Your BoomSpeed.Com account has been disabled for TOS Violations and is

scheduled to be deleted within 30 days.

Here is why, and here is a very fair and simple way that you can

save your account and prevent it from being deleted. 

Over the past year, BoomSpeed.Com has grown incredibly large and fast

with the help of our members,  spreading the word about what an

excellent, fast and easy to use service we have.  Thousands of people

love using BoomSpeed.

We have offered free accounts, and will continue to offer free accounts

as promised.  However, we have had a large amount of free

users who have been using their accounts in violation of our

Terms Of Service ("TOS").

Users who are using free accounts in violation of our TOS harm the speed

and quality of the service for everyone, so we must enforce our rules.

Everyone who has created a free account here at BoomSpeed agreed to our

rules or Terms Of Service (TOS) when starting their account. 

        We understand that a lot of our users might not be aware of the

Terms of Service restrictions on free 1Meg accounts.  The URL for reading

the current (and sometimes updated) TOS is


Because of the amount of bandwidth (our speed)  being used up

with free accounts being used in violation of the TOS, we must

enforce our TOS by disabling and deleting free accounts not

following the BoomSpeed  rules and Terms Of Service.    We are not

trying to be mean or cause any problems for any users, but we must

crack down on the abuse to keep the service working for everyone.   

You are receiving this email because your account has come up in

our audits as being used in violation of the TOS

(specifically, linking to files in your account from non-ebay,

non-auction related & non-BoomSpeed hosted personal websites.)

Because of this, your account has been disabled and is scheduled to be

deleted at the end of this month.

Do not let this happen! 

We are offering a great alternative to having your account deleted!

If you upgrade to our lowest priced membership account immediately

you would normally be charged $6 for this month  then only $6/month,

billed quarterly.  We always pro-rate charges based on when your subscription

is submitted.  First half of month is charged $6, second half is

charged $3 for that month, plus $6 per month pro-rated to the end of the

current quarter.  You can NOT beat that price, anywhere! 

Because this is the beginning of the 3rd Quarter of 2003, we are offering to

discount $3 off of this month's charge if you submit the upgrade for your

account before April 15th.

        We look forward to having you as a member.  Subscribers pay $6/month

(billed in $18 quarterly payments every 3 months) via a Credit Card charge made

on or around the 1st of the months of January, April, July & October.

With this upgrade, your account will be reactivated and you will have

full access to 100 TIMES the disk space of our free accounts.  A

FULL 100 Megabytes of disk space for you to use for anything from

backing up your hard drive, to storing family photos & other images for

auctions, chatboards, whatever you like and have them instantly available

on the Internet for others to see.  Just by upgrading, you can keep using

your BoomSpeed.Com account exactly like you are using it right now!

To quickly upgrade your account, please visit:


We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

This upgrade offer is only available by using a credit card directly with

quarterly recurring billing. 

Once again, the link to upgrade now and save your account via credit card is :


We here at BoomSpeed want you to stay with us.  Your paid account will

help us grow your hosting service with even more new features.    Please

consider keeping your account with us here at BoomSpeed.   

We welcome you to sign up for our membership service with this extremely

low offer, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.


William Devine, II

BoomSpeed Support


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If you make an American flag your sig and avatar you can remote link to that due to an exception in the remote linking rules.

From the Terms of Service:

11/11/01 Update regarding American Patriotism : Boomspeed is run in America, by proud Americans, and displays of the American Flag and American Patriotism will be protected by Boomspeed. Users who are using Boomspeed to display the American Flag and other patriotic images outside of the previous terms of usage are now protected by this update. So FLY THE AMERICAN FLAG ANYWHERE you want to on the Internet, as this is now an exception to the previous TOS as noted above.

(NOTE) This only means that remote linking to your FLAG is protected, NOT that doing so excludes you from the other Terms of remote linking. Meaning, just because you link to a flag on your page, does not mean that you can link to another image remotely on your page, as that is a TOS violation.


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