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I just finished Singleplayer G.R.A.W!

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Seriously though, I loved the GRAW SP. The only thing that bugged the hell out of me was the fuzzy hud in missions like Mayday! Mayday! I mean, unless I'm using the tac map or night vision, why is my vision fuzzy? Do I have special optical implants or something?

I agree, jammers jam electronics, not eyes. Then again I guess it's some sort of limitation, when really all you should do it just move the goggles up or take them off until it's not jamming. Also, in Fierce Resistance, the "jammer" doesn't mess up your CrossCom. I guess they figure it's all so technical high speed that while the interface and execution is great, but you still figure that the AI department could be constantly worked on. I mean I'm not trying to say that the Mexican Army is lacking in training (or is, whatever), but still display great tactical strategy, while in Strongpoint I'm trying to babysit three "Special Ed Forces" commandos when taking the Power Station. I mean getting shot at isn't nothing to really enjoy, but how the hell can they get so shell-shocked so easy?

I mean should I repaint the Blackhawk Yellow?

I know it's just another small rant, but had to get it out.

Oh yeah, I was mulling over it, and really, the last mission is actually the best as far as tactical movement. I actually got a warm fuzzy thinking on that one. It's a pain especially the final part but that's another mission where you have a sort of Strong Point-esque flexibility in figuring out your shots, as well as positioning.

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